Technical session 5

11:00 – 13:00 / 8 October 2020   Pushkin Hall

ESG realities and modern practices in the Russian mining and metallurgical industry.

Sponsor Nordgold
Supporter Russian Managers Association

Irina Bakhtina
Chairman of the Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
Russian Association of Managers

11:00 ESG: How to Put Together a Puzzle

Evgeny Tulubensky
Chief Legal Officer and ESG Director, Board member

11:15 - Gold mining and the ESG revolution

John Mulligan
Director Market Relations
World Gold Council

11:30 - Corporate social responsibility in mining industry

Tania Tchedaeva
Director, Corporate Governance
Polymetal International

11:40 - Corporate social responsibility in the Russian mining and metallurgical industry.

John Mann
Head of Communications
Highland Gold Mining

11:50 - Severstal's experience in sustainable development and ESG

Natalya Poppel
Head of CSR and Brand department

12:00 - Climate change and green finance

Daria Goncharova
Chief Sustainability Officer
Polymetal International

12:10 - Modern ESG Challenges: Industry Response, the Role of Polyus

Daria Grigoreva
Head of Sustainability

Svetlana Ivchenko
Director of Social Policy Department