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Mining Company


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Mining Company

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Exploration Services

Mining Company

Exploration Services

Drilling and Blasting

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Exploration Services

Exploration Services

Mining Company


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Exploration Services


Exploration Services

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Exploration Services



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AGR Software

AGR Software LLC is the leading Russian supplier of innovative IT solutions for automated prospecting, surveying and mining. The company is a developer of the AGR 4 information system ( AGR Software has been a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center since 2015.

AGR 4 helps mining companies to effectively manage the following tasks:

  • Provide electronic documentation for mine openings in strict compliance with corporate geological standards.
  • Automate the sampling process, introduce the bar coding technology and facilitate fast data exchange with laboratories.
  • Standardize data exchange with drilling and geological contractors.
  • Automatically generate reports pursuant to the requirements of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ), and create a digital geological database for geo-mathematical modeling.
  • Ensure structured storage and effective management of geological data within a corporation.

* Provide top management with real-time data on mining projects.

AGR is based on a cutting edge platform for collecting, storing and processing geological data. Custom geological databases and corporate geological data management solutions can be created on its basis on demand.

IT Solutions

AGT Systems

AGT Systems specializes in the distribution and support of the advanced technologies used in the Mining and Petroleum Exploration sector throughout Russia and CIS. Specifically, AGT is the highly respected and reliable source of conventional land, marine and airborne geophysical instruments and integrated systems, as well as a wide selection of equipment, software and services in all other geosciences including Geology, Geo-engineering and Geochemistry.
AGT is the official source of modern geophysical equipment and software packages used for processing, interpreting, presenting, modeling and integrating geophysical, geochemical and geological data by governments, institutes, universities, geoscience contractors and private industry in Central Asia Republics: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Specializing in the Mining and Petroleum Exploration industries within Russia and CIS, AGT Systems Inc. provides software, integrated systems, equipment and services in the fields of Geophysics, and the Geological, Geotechnical and Geochemical sciences especially for Central Asia Republics: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. AGT Systems provides comprehensive warranty services and technical support to its customers and training and post-warranty services on request.

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ALS Geochemistry

ALS Geochemistry is the global leader in the provision of analytical data services to the mining and exploration sectors. With over 370 locations around the world and historically headquartered in Chita we are able to provide consistent, swift, productive and reliable service to our clients. ALS Geochemistry recognises that mining company corporate wealth is tied to the estimation of mineral resources and that quality assays is of paramount importance to protecting assets.

Our analytical laboratories are certified under ISO and Rosaccreditation systems and registered in each region with global application of standard procedures and audits to maintain standard practice throughout the laboratory network. Our network is linked together internally by our Global LIMS (GEMS) and for our clients using the state-of-the-art Webtrieve™ system, which allows our clients to view location, status and data for their projects.


AMC Consultants

AMC Consultants is a global consultancy firm dedicated to helping miners find smarter ways to unearth hidden business value. From our global office, including one in Moscow, we help mining leaders evaluate opportunities, solve hidden productivity challenges, and improve performance across the mining cycle.

At our core, we answer four key needs: evaluate, develop, improve, and transform. Since 1983, We have helped miners evaluate potential mining projects or investments and develop world-class mining operations. While our Improve and Transform divisions have delivered more than $5 billion in bottom-line growth opportunities.

With 8,000+ projects for 1,800+ clients in 111+ countries across 60+ commodities under our belt, our global team has seen most challenges. And chances are, it has created a smarter solution to solve them. Our expertise spans exploration, geotechnical engineering, geology, metallurgy, mining engineering, backfill, ventilation, strategy optimization, and business improvement. We are leaders in feasibility studies, technical audits, appraisals, expert reports, across the major international resource reporting standards.



ABEL GmbH was founded as an engineering firm in Düsseldorf in 1947. In all these years, the company has seen a most impressive development: from pump manufacturer for the local mining industry through to global supplier of a broad range of heavy duty displacement pumps.
Since 2015 ABEL belongs to Hillenbrand Inc. headquartered in Batesville Indiana, United States.

Today the Company has a workforce of 160 employees involved in administration, production and service in Büchen (Germany), Carnegie (USA) and in Madrid (Spain).

We produce Diaphragm and Piston Pumps, Electromechanical Membrane Pumps, Solid Handling Pumps, High Pressure and Pumps Marine Pumps. Around 500 pumps are produced every year.
Typical applications include feeding filter presses, spray dryers and incineration systems, transporting abrasive and corrosive media, and hydraulic transport of substances with a high solid content.

Machines and Equipment


GNPP Aerogeophysica is a leading Russian company and one of world leaders in the area of providing airborne geophysical services. Every year, in Russia and abroad, GNPP Aerogeophysika carries up to 400,000 linear km of high resolution airborne geophysical surveys at various scales.

The company possesses a large arsenal of the most modern airborne geophysical equipment:

Airplane and helicopter-based EM survey systems of various modifications;
Airborne gravimeter GT-2M;
Multi-channel, high resolution gamma-ray spectrometers;
High-precision, cesium magnetometers-gradiometers;
Equipment for conducting infrared heat and aerosol and gas profiling aerial surveys;
Satellite navigation system.

Exploration Services

Aerogeophysical Surveys

CJSC “Aerogeophysical Surveys”

Specialization: Electromagnetic prospecting and evaluation surveys on HC, solid minerals, water resources. Localization of potentially dangerous objects and processes. Solution of non-standard engineering tasks. Technological tasks of seismic surveys. Geophysical equipment production. Mathematical software.

Geophysical technologies:

  • Ground geophysics: MTS, TEM, IP, electromagnetic scanning (EM-HSDTD®): full cycle – from field works to construction of geological model of studied area
  • Airborne geophysics: TDEM, Mag, G-Ray with “Impulse-aero” helicopter exploration platforms, equipped with an EM channel of high ground penetration ability.
  • Integrated processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data, construction of geological model of oil, gas and ore deposits.
  • Geophysical equipment production

Production of electrical prospecting equipment “Impulse”-series in a small-scale

  • R&D in the field of innovative technologies: own design and engineering bureau, development of equipment and mathematical software.

 Intellectual property:

12 patents in Russia, Canada, Australia

3 software registration certificates

3 trademarks

The company has a quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

More information

Geological Exploration


AlmazGeoBur LLС provides packaged supply of drilling (exploration) equipment and tools for undertaking geological surveys. As a result of solid partner relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling tools, we offer the most favourable terms for supply of the full product line of mining and geological prospecting equipment. Our company is the official distributor for manufacturers such as:

DBC Makina (Turkey) – manufacturer of drilling devices using the core-drill method applied in surface mining and in underground mining.
DEVICO (Norway) – manufacturer of geophysical survey equipment and tools for directional drilling with the use of wireline coring systems
“Udmurtskie dolota” (“UDOL” Ltd.) (Russia) – manufacturer of exploration and drilling (rock cutting) tools for the exploration and oil & gas sector.
Additionally, our company offers maintenance and other services including:
– repair and maintenance service for drilling devices using the core-drill method
– services of manufacturing engineer specialising in mud flush (mud-flush agent / drilling agent)
– geophysical equipment for hire (magnetic/non-magnetic directional survey tool (inclinometer), drill core orientator (orientation tool/device) )

DIMATEC  – manufacturer of high quality metal bond diamond tools and related “down the hole” equipment that are used primarily by the mineral exploration and the geotechnical survey industries.

BAROID – world leader of mineral exploration products, international supplier of drilling fluid additives

We offer spare (replacement) parts for drilling devices from the following manufacturers:
– BLY LF70, LF90C/D, LF230, LM55, LM75
– Atlas Copco: CS-14, CS-10, CS-1000, Diamec 232, Diamec 262, Diamec 282, U6, U8
– Sandvik DE-140/130
– Schramm: T685WS, T455WS/T455i, T450GT, T450WS, T450BH

We work with leading Canadian manufacturers to provide wireline coring systems (of the following types: AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ) and diamond rock cutting tools.

Packaged supply of equipment and tools for well drilling using the method of reverse circulation (RC drilling).

We deliver throughout the whole territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries. Thanks to the availability of warehouses in Moscow and Khabarovsk cooperation becomes effective and mutually beneficial.

Machines and Equipment


“Anakon” Ltd presents complex solutions for modern technologies of analysis of ores and minerals.
“Anakon” Ltd is the exclusive representative of Scott Technology and Rocklabs Ltd (New Zealand) in the Russian Federation.
“Anakon” Ltd engages in production of container, as well as modular express laboratories on self-propelled and-or articulated landing gear. Engages in production of standard samples of the composition of rocks and ores pursuant to ISO 17034, as well as it is recognised provider of interlaboratory comparative tests.

Machines and Equipment


ArtGeo supplies and delivers State-of-the-Art Geodetic equipment, services and software.

ArtGeo Company cooperates with the market leader in laser scanning systems RIEGL Company and many other manufacturers of laser scanning equipment and the development of three-dimensional modeling techniques, among which the company GEOSLAM, GeoSight, Orbit.

ArtGeo is the exclusive distributor of the company RIEGL in Russia and CIS countries.

Main Business Offerings are:

– Airborne laser scanners and scanning systems

– Unmanned airborne laser scanners and systems

– Mobile laser scanners and scanning systems

– Terrestrial laser scanners

– Industrial laser scanners

– Rangefinders

– Software for 3D modeling

ArtGeo develops dealers network and partners relationships in regions of Russia and CIS.

Machines and Equipment

Blast Maker

Blast Maker – is the fullest solution of the task for drilling and blasting operations optimal design on the open pits. It consists of informational and analytical software and technical facilities for data collection on massif properties determined in the process of blast hole drilling.

Blast Maker opens the way into the world of new information technologies and is able to fulfill high-quality blast on the open pits with minimum costs.

IT Solutions


CHEMPACK company supplies goods for gold mining and ore mining enterprises:

∙ Chemical raw materials: flotation reagents for sulphide ores enrichment; technological raw materials for gold mining; reagents for assay tests.

∙ Flexible containers (big bags, FIBC): seamless big bags with multilayered body; big bags in a protective polyethylene cover, rope-type and belt-type big bags with a double bottom; nylon big bags.

∙ Wagon liners and covers for protecting FI

Raw material and containers supplies

Clariant Filtration and Separation Solutions

Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, headquartered in Muttenz, near Basel in Switzerland, contributes to value creation by providing novel and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries. Clariant Filtration and Separation Solutions core mission is to deliver performance-enhancing thickening, clarification, filtration and dewatering solutions to the global mining sector.

Our Invoque® program comprises a unique, mineral-based conditioning process, designed to boost the performance of, or even to replace incumbent technologies, in the processing of ore, concentrate, slimes and tailings.

Want to know more? Come and visit us at booth to learn how Invoque® can enhance both your operations and your bottom line.


Company Name: Clariant

Business Unit: Functional Minerals

Address: Arabellastr. 4a, 81925 Munich

Country:  Germany

Telephone: + 49 895110270

Fax:  + 49 895110902



Contact Person:  Gerry Southwood

Position: Head of Filtration and Separation Solutions 


Continental offers a wide-ranging portfolio for off-highway applications, which makes construction, agricultural and transport machinery and vehicles safer, more efficient, more comfortable and more connected. For the mining and construction industry, the company supplies solutions for monitoring the condition of components and systems, technologies for information management, rubber and plastic products as well as sensor-integrated rubber tracks – all tailor-made and from a single source

Machines and Equipment

Coralina Engineering

Coralina Engineering LLC – authorized distributor of Schramm Inc involved in sale and aftermarket service of mobile drilling rigs and Mincon, Driconeq, Schramm drilling tools. Schramm Inc is a leading manufacture of drilling rigs for grade control and exploration, coal bed methane and surface casing for oil and gas.
Coralina Engineering LLC produce Sampling System and components for RC conversion of numerous drilling rigs manufactures. Supply and service of RC drilling tools.

Machines and Equipment


Cornerstone was founded in 1993 and now it is one of the leaders of the Russian consulting services market in the area of human resources management.
Cornerstone was at the origin of Executive Search service on the Russian market. For over twenty five years now we have been dealing with searching and selecting senior executives. During these years we have been able to get unique and all-around experience, develop exclusive original methods of evaluation and selection of senior executives. We have brought into life hundreds of successful HR projects of various complexity and scale.


D&A Products

D & A PRODUCTS” LLC offers solutions for enterprises, laboratories, institutes and commercial companies in the field of drilling, drilling mud service, oil refining, analysis of oil and petroleum products, perfume and food industries. We offer not only products, but we also offer projects of any complexity, from drawing up a technical task and ending with the maintenance of the equipment supplied. Our specialists have extensive experience in the affected areas, and our partners are only manufacturers of quality tools and equipment.

Machines and Equipment


DATAMINE is a world leading provider of the technology and services required to seamlessly plan and manage mining operations. With operations in thirteen countries, DATAMINE provides solutions ranging from exploration data management and orebody modelling to mine planning and operations to over 1,400 companies worldwide. Our software solutions integrate with our consulting and training services to ensure that we provide our clients with industry-leading support and expertise.

IT Solutions

Drilling Technologies Factory

Drilling Technologies Factory – is modern production company. We are one of the leading manufacturers of drilling rigs in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Our company is a regular participant of exhibitions and conferences on innovation in the development of drilling equipment for soil-investigation drilling. Our leading engineers, technicians are regularly trained and certified to provide development, producing and technical service of our equipment. The main principle of work is the provision of drilling companies with technical solutions in turnkey. From the selection of drilling equipment, design and manufacturing, to adapt to the specific drilling conditions, including completing the drilling tool. The main activities of the company are:

design and manufacture of drilling rigs;
modernization of existing models of drilling rigs;
manufacture of CPT rigs;
manufacture of drilling tools;
supply of imported drilling rigs;
warranty and post-warranty service of drilling equipment;
development and implementation of a variety of technical solutions in the field of drilling;
education and training.

Machines and Equipment


DrillTech Company is a part of the Group of Companies “Drilling Technologies” and performs activities in Russia and the CIS countries. The main activities of the company are: delivery of the drilling rigs, drilling tools and auxiliary equipment for exploration, mining, foundations and enclosure structures.

DrillTech supplies the drilling rigs manufactured by Fraste (Italia), which has more than 50 years of experience in the production of equipment for drilling exploration, geotechnical and geothermal wells, water wells and engineering surveys, construction and soil improvement. DrillTech LLC is the Russian representative of the famous company Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill BV (Netherlands), specializing in production of the high-frequency vibratory drilling rigs: SONIC technology. At the same time, DrillTech is the representative of drilling tools for pneumatic percussion drilling manufactured by WildCat (South Korean) in the Russian Federation.

Besides DrillTech Company the Group of Companies “Drilling Technologies” includes: service and repair departments; the drilling construction unit; the construction and technology business school.

This allows to carry out comprehensive work in the field of equipment sales, starting from completely developed implementation of the drilling rigs, equipment commissioning by means of the experienced mechanics, service and aftersales repair during the operation of equipment.

Machines and Equipment


EMC-Mining, LLC. is a member of the group of companies “Mining Engineering Group” (“Mining Group”, abbreviated “M-group”).

The group of participants of the group of companies allows performing works for subsoil users in a wide range of services from consulting and research works, to the development of projects for mining, processing, storage of waste and infrastructure, as well as supplies, installation and start-up of individual equipment and complete plants:

– engineering company “EMC-Mining” specialises in development of projects for mining and processing industries;

– the company “PromTrade Mining” specializes in the assembly, installation and commissioning of technological equipment of processing plants;

– research laboratory “Flotec” performs the study of the material composition of ores, technological research and development of ore enrichment technologies.


Eastern Drilling Company

Eastern Drilling Company (EDC) – one of the largest Russian mineral drilling company. EDC is a subsidiary of FORACO International (3rd largest global mineral driller operating 308 rigs on 5 continents in 23 countries, having 57 years of experience and 2,200+ employees). EDC provides a broad variety of drilling services for mineral resources: diamond drilling, deep directional drilling , reverse circulation, air core drilling, large diameter drilling (up to 30” in diameter for exploration, bulk sampling, ventilation and backfilling holes, etc.), deep water well and dewatering drilling.

EDC fleet includes proprietary and technically innovative rigs, new Boart Longyear rigs and RC rigs, and other modern equipment for all kinds of exploration work (CAT dozers, camps etc.). We have experience bringing unique rigs into Russia from the global FORACO fleet for special drilling tasks. EDC has subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with all the necessary drilling licenses.

Eastern Drilling Company specializes in providing high-quality exploration services in compliance with international standards and best-in-class safety and environmental practices. We have extensive experience performing difficult projects in extreme climate conditions, in highly remote areas and terrains. Our ability to deliver high-quality drilling services on time, and on budget, is our key success factor.

Drilling and Blasting


EnProTech Ltd is a guarantor of sustainability of mining companies’ laboratories and technical inspection departments. On a day-to-day basis solving a number of essential tasks in terms of equipment fitting and setting, methodology of doing experiments and analysis, counselling in adjusting technological settings and engineering when establishing new business units, we significantly contribute to bringing our customers’ performance indicators up to the level no lower than desired.

Our engineering staff consists of the leading specialized universities’ graduates who are capable of looking for perspective and rational solutions to improving profitability and quality of your production due to their personal experience in working with the supplied equipment, knowledge of our customers’ working process and mechanisms from inside, desire to achieve results and to increase personal professional development.

EnProTech Ltd specializes in full supply for fire assay laboratories of gold mining enterprises and represents the interests of the leading global manufacturers on the Russian market:

  • Ore Research & Exploration (Australia) – is a leading producer of certified reference materials (OREAS) for the mining, exploration and analytical industries. It has extensive experience in the preparation and certification of a diverse range of geological reference materials of economic importance, including ores of gold, silver, platinum group elements, copper, nickel and others.
  • LAARMANN Group B.V. (Netherlands) – sampling, sample preparation and testing equipment including crushers, mills, sieving machines, flotation machines, dividers and Bond Index testers;
  • Morgan Advanced Materials (Furnace industries) (Australia) – fusion, cupellation, ashing calcining and roasting furnaces and high-quality assayware;
  • Microtrac (USA) – innovative, reliable, and repeatable particle analysis including particle size measurements, zeta potential analysis, 3-D image analysis, molecular weight and dust characterization.

Having own production based on enterprise in India EnProTech supplies Magnesia Cupels and Bullion Blocks that are made from unique blend of DBM and fluxing agent.  The quality of production corresponds to the world standards and is widely used in fire assay laboratories of Russian ventures.

Close cooperation with transport companies and availability of the most demanded products in stock in different parts of the country such as Saint-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Vladivostok ensure continuous work for our customers anywhere in Russia and CIS.

Having chosen EnProTech Ltd you can be sure in individual and flexible approach, great professionalism at each stage of cooperation and quality of the supplied production.

Machines and Equipment


FORGEO – Supplier of products to the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan:

– FORDIA (Canada) – diamond and drilling tools, equipment and accessories;

– MATEX (Canada) – drilling muds and polymers for drilling;

– VersaDrill (Canada) – drill rigs for geological exploration both for surface and underground;

– CMS Cepcor (England) – spare parts for crushing equipment like Sandvik, Metso, etc.

FORGEO guarantees the quality of the supplied products and technical innovations in its products.

The products supplied by FORGEO are always available in warehouses in Khabarovsk, St. Petersburg, Leninsk-Kuznetsk, and also in Almaty Kazakhstan

Machines and Equipment


Ferrit, s.r.o. is a private Czech company with worldwide presence and history dating back to 1993. Over the time Ferrit has transformed from a trading into a production company with an own R&D. An equipment for monorail suspended transport system has the largest share in Ferrit production and gained the company a leading position on world markets.

A comprehensive transportation solutions, transportation of material and people in all types of mining works – in coal and ore mines and underground engineering in building of tunnels, subways or collectors.

Development and production of a complete range of mining machinery and equipment certified for use in potentially explosive areas with gas and coal dust presence.

Monorail suspended transport, ground rail transport, crawler and wheeled machinery and equipment.

Optimisation of logistics and management of mining transport, turnkey projects and complete supplies of equipment in underground mines.

A wide network of branches and service centres with trained personnel in all covered markets in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and seeking expansion of its activities to other countries such as South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Argentina and India.

Machines and Equipment


The company provides a full range of geological, geophysical and geochemical research for search of deposits of ore minerals, diamonds, groundwater and hydrocarbons, including drilling and related works, as well as engineering and geological surveys. LLC “Gelios” is equipped with modern software and hardware, including by our own production, and has a staff of highly qualified specialists.

Exploration Services


GeoConsultInvest LLC provides a full range of services in mining, technical and economic sector to mining companies as well as banking and investment structures.
Our company is the team of highly qualified professionals with a vast experience in the Scoping study development for mining companies regarding deposits of solid minerals, mining operations optimization, conducting ore engineering studies with the development of technological regulations, mining equipment selection, and technological solutions for non-standard minerals processing.
The company provides consulting services and expert assessment of activities and prospects of mining enterprises in the field of solid minerals mining for banking and investment structures, performs express assessment and auditing of mining investment projects, evaluation of effectiveness of solid mineral deposits development at various stages, expert cost assessment of mining projects, develops and provides expert appraisal of business plans for mining companies, develops bankable feasibility study (BFS), etc.



GeoSolutions (GS) is an independent mining and geological service company, which is not affiliated with other mining companies, financial institutions and other industry players. The beneficiaries of GeoSolutions are individuals who represent the management of the Company. 

Whereas one of the most notable and, as a rule, underestimated industry risks is geological, we designated ourselves to establish on the Russian market a company that will handle the matters related to provision of high quality services related to professional integrated geological assessment of mining deposits and professional support of field works. 

GeoSolutions has established and has been developing 5 key business directions: 

  •   Prospecting – Competent support to prospecting and exploration;
  •   Reserves Estimation – Reserves estimation for the fields of any complexity;
  •   Pre-feasibility study – Choosing thebest casescenario for a project; 
  •   Audit of companies – Audit of mining and processing companies;
  •   Consulting – Corporate consulting in subsoil use.

The Company has successfully completed more than 50 projects for three years, including assessment of reserves of ore deposits, development of feasibility studies, preparation of geological exploration projects and geological support of field works. 

More than 60 specialists with extensive qualifying experience are employed at the firm’s headquarters in Moscow, and up to 80 specialists are constantly operating at the customers’ facilities. The management and key members of the team have real experience in handling geological exploration works, deposit assessment, economic evaluation of mining entities, organization and management of mining entities. 

Some of the regular customers of GeoSolutions are the largest industry players: Polymetal, Polyus Highland Gold, Nordgold, UGK, Gold of Kamchatka, Mangazeya Gold etc. 

More detailed description of our services, teamwork experience and completed projects is available on our website.



LLC “GEOELEMENT” is engaged in the supply of industrial equipment. Main areas: X-ray fluorescence analysis, diffractometers, microscopes.

We provide consulting services, compilation of techniques, implementation of equipment in production. Оfficial dealer of Olympus.

Machines and Equipment


GeoscaLtd develops, produces and applies a wide variety of unmanned aerial systems. Every system is integrity of industrial-grade UAV and a software kit for data processing and analysis. Our products are used for aerial photography, monitoring, geodesy, magnetic survey, as well as urban development 

Geoscan’s UAVs are equipped with digital cameras and precise GPS/GLONASS receivers. By processing the acquired data, our software is capable of creating ortho-mosaic, altitude matrix, digital terrain and elevation models (DTM/DEM). Geoscan 401 Geophysics is a quadcopter equipped with quantum magnetometer, which was specially designed for high resolution and noise-free data.  

With high level of automation, Geoscan UAVs can participate in large-scale survey missions with little effort from the operator. Each system can be easily transported in handy protective case. 

Geoscan establishes full spectrum of services in aerial photography, data processing and analysis not only for privately held companies, but also for entire cities and regions. We have extensive experience in foreign markets and have resellers in 12 countries. Moreover, our software is widely-used in professional community and is exported to 130 countries. Our experience and constant race for perfection help us work with customers all over the world.

Machines and Equipment


Geotech is an industry leader with a stellar reputation among its peers and clients.
Over its three-decade-plus history, Geotech has patented leading-edge airborne electromagnetic technologies, including its exclusive VTEM and ZTEM systems.
The company is now the biggest private airborne EM survey provider in the world, with offices in six continents and over 10 million line-km of surveys flown worldwide.

Most importantly, Geotech has helped mineral exploration companies find dozens of deposits. The company’s success can be traced to its relentless focus on innovation. Offering its customers the best technologies and services – and attracting the best people to make that possible – has always been Geotech’s top priority.

IT Solutions


JSC “Giprotsvetmet” is a research project and design institute of mining and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals that was founded in 1929.

  • Since 2008 JSC “Giprotsvetmet” is part of branch holding of the State Corporation “ROSTEC”.
  • The institute has implemented a system of operational management of the quality of products and services of the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the international quality management system and standard ISO 9001-2015, including the functionality of the general contractor.
  • JSC “GIPROTSVETMET” is the leading institute of Scientific and Engineering Centre (SEC), which also includes “TOMS ENGINEERING” and “VIOGEM”.
  • Specializes in the field of reserves calculations and evaluation of mineral deposits, design, construction of mining and metallurgical enterprises, project management in the mining industry, production and supply of the equipment, as well as turn-key projects with the EPC/EPCM format.
  • More than 60 enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy facilities were built and reconstructed in 28 different countries.
  • Issued over 21 patents and 600 copyright certificates.


Heliports of Russia

Heliports of Russia provides heliport development and management services, helicopter sales and maintenance, pilot training.
An official dealer of Robinson Helicopter Company and Airbus Helicopters. 60% of Robinson helicopters shipped to Russia were delivered to customers by Heliports of Russia.
An authorized service center of Robinson Helicopter Company, Airbus Helicopters, Rolls Royce, and Lycoming Engines. A part of Heliport of Russia, Heliport Airlines is a helicopter airline operating Robinson and Airbus Helicopters light helicopters. Heliport Airlines provides helicopter charter, transfer and aerial missions all over Russian Federation.

Machines and Equipment


Hexagon is a global leader in digital solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes. In Russia, the company specializes in the promotion of geodetic equipment and satellite navigation technologies, laser scanning and optoelectronic measurements, which are necessary for solving problems of civil and road construction, mining, mining, oil and gas, energy, railway, architecture, cadaster and other industries.

Hexagon offers solutions under the brands Leica Geosystems, IDS GeoRadar, 3DReshaper etc.
Interests of the company is represented by 18 separate divisions and dealers in 14 cities of Russia, including in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg.

Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B) has approximately 19,000 employees in 50 countries and net sales of approximately 3.5bn EUR.

Surveying Equipment

Highland Gold Mining

Highland Gold Mining is an established gold producer with a world class asset base and competitive cost structure. It has strong management and operational teams, with local and international expertise, an exciting portfolio of JORC-audited resources, and annual production of 290-300 thousand oz of gold and gold equivalents. 

Highland Gold’s main operations are located in the Khabarovsk, Zabaikalsky and Chukotka regions of Russian Federation. The Company has 4 operating mines, two of which are located in Khabarovsk region – MNV and Belaya Gora; Novo in Zabaikalskiy region; and Valunistiy in Chukotka.  

Highland Gold Mining Limited was incorporated in Jersey in 2002 with a vision to become the most profitable gold mining company in the region with a firm commitment towards safety, health and the environment, and social responsibility towards employees and communities. The company’s shares are traded on AIM in London under the symbol “HGM.L”.

Mining Company


IBM is a global technology and innovation company, the largest technology employer in the world serving clients in 170 countries. IBM is a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company with one purpose: to be essential to the clients and to the world. IBM’s technology and talent have the power to help transform institutions, communities and the quality of life.

IBM has been present in Russia and the CIS countries for over 40 years. It is a leading provider of high-value solutions and services to clients in a variety of industries including government, telecommunications, healthcare, finance, retail and oil and gas. IBM has offices in a number of major cities across the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan as well as important facilities and resources to support its clients and partners.

Moscow is home to the IBM Client Center and the IBM Science and Technology Center which hires some of the most talented technical specialists who work side-by-side work with IBM’s global teams on the development of next generation technologies.

For additional information please visit:

IT Solutions


Industrial Development Engineers (IDE) was founded in 2015 by GeoSolutions (GeoSolutions

The decision to create an engineering company was to provide the Subsoil users with the complex solutions such as conducting geological and feasibility study and also engineering solutions for mine planning, building infrastructure, mining and processing facilities. Technical planning at the feasibility study stage allows companies to save from 4 to 8 months for commissioning mining projects.

The IDE staff consists of fifteen high-level technical specialists who have experience in the development of all stages of design work in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the preparation of technical reports in accordance with international standards. In addition, more than 20 technical specialists collaborate with the IDE on a contractual basis and are involved шт specific projects.

When implementing projects, the IDE uses modern licensed software (Revit, Deswik, Ventsim, Micromine, AutoCad).

We have identified the following most significant risks in the field of design:

  • Compliance with the design documentation development deadlines
  • Contractor competencies and staffing
  • Security of the contractor with material and financial resources
  • Security of the contractor with licensed software.

IDE’s competencies include:

  • Mining solutions at the stage of assessing the reserves of mineral deposits;
  • Development of technical projects in accordance with the requirements of the CCR;
  • Development of design documentation in accordance with the requirements of the Glavgosexpertiza;
  • Development of basic technical solutions regardless of the staged development of the field
  • Evaluation and development of technical reports in accordance with the western stages SS, PFS, FS


IG Group

The IG Group has been exploring, making greenfield gold and copper discoveries, and providing highest quality exploration services to the Russian Minerals industry since 2004. Initially part of the Lundin Group, IG Group completed a management buy-out of Lundin assets in 2009 forming IG Copper as its exploration arm, and Kolymageo as a drilling and exploration services provider.

The IG Team has made two greenfield discoveries since Russian operations began in 2004. The first, the Svetloye High Sulfidation Epithermal Gold Deposit contains appr. 1,3 mln ounces (39 tones) of gold and was listed on the Russian State Balance of Reserves in 2007. It was subsequently sold to Polymetal Corp. in 2009. The listed gold production was 135 thsnd ounces (4-tons) of gold in 2018. The second greenfield discovery was the World Class Malmyzh Copper-Gold Porphyry Deposit and was listed on the RSBR in 2015. Malmyzh contains in excess of 1,4 billion tons of ore containing 7,23 mln tons of copper equiv. metal (921 tones gold equiv. metal). The deposit was sold to Russian Copper Company in 2018 and is currently in advanced exploration/pre-development.

The IG Group is a collection of private stock companies and consists of three mineral exploration companies and Kolymageo co. in the Russian FE with additional companies and projects in Mongolia and the United States. The company is headed by Thomas Bowens the President and CEO.

The IG Group of Companies’ Russian operations combines a talented and professional Russian staff with project selected international technical consultants and the latest in industry technologies in order to rapidly advance from concept, through exploration, to discovery. Additionally through our Kolymageo services company, the IG Group provides this same innovation and talented technical team to the wider mining and exploration industry throughout the Russian Federation.

IG Group, On Time – On Target!

Mineral Exploration Сompany


Institute of Geotechnology, was established in 2003, and along with IGT-service and Chawn-minerals included in the IGT Group. The Group’s enterprises are private, independent, and not affiliated with any industrial or financial Groups. All companies are residents of the Science Park of Moscow state University named after M.V.Lomonosov.


IGT provides its customers with a wide range of evaluation, design and consulting services in the field of exploration and production of non-ferrous and precious metals. A full range of field works on geological support of exploration projects at all stages of their development is carried out.

The team of IGT specialists was engaged in the organization and realization of search and evaluation and exploration works in Chukotka, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Republic of Komi, Khabarovsk and TRANS-Baikal regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Mongolia, Indonesia and other regions for various types of minerals – gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, coal.

The Group’s specialists have experience in realizing deposit development projects in different geological and climatic conditions and at different stages of their development. Due to the wide geography of the executed projects with the participation of IGT specialists, the company has accumulated experience to resolve complex production problems. The main activities of IGT are geological consulting and targeting, full geological support, geological supervision, technical and geological audit, including quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) of geological exploration, reserves calculation and resource assessment, and assistance in the organization and maintenance of project financing.

Our strengths are qualification and experience. Knowledge and successful application of the world’s best exploration practices obtained in close cooperation with the world’s leading mining, consulting and engineering companies.

IGT is a scientific and production platform for the number of companies.  Partnerships with the number of specialized Russian and Western companies get us possibly to mobilize the most experienced specialists with narrow professional specializations to perform tasks related to the exploration and extraction of minerals in a short time. Interaction with specialized companies and the ability to involve specialists in all areas, allows us to create highly qualified expert groups and efficiently solve problems.

We invest in human intelligence and innovation. Thanks to cooperation with Russian scientific and foreign consulting companies, we are constantly improving the knowledge of our specialists and customer specialists, providing access to the most advanced practices in the field of exploration.

We invest in intelligence and innovation. Thanks to cooperation with Russian research and foreign consulting companies, we are constantly improving the expert level of our specialists and customer specialists, providing access to the most advanced global practices in the exploration.

The basic principle of our work is DICTUM-FACTUM (said – done). We do not compete for the price – we compete for quality. It is the quality of work performed and the final successful result for the customer is the final goal of our work.

Phone/Fax: +7(495)930.85.54/+7(495)930.80.58

Address: “MSU Science Park”, bldg. 77, Leninskiye Gori Str. 1, Moscow, 119234, Russia




Indeq JSC has been one of the leading suppliers of the mineral exploration equipment in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan over the past 20 years.

The vast majority of our customers are the leaders of the mining industry and the largest mining holdings, such as Alrosa, Norilsk Nickel, Polymetal, NordGold, Severstal, Polyus Gold, Petropavlovsk Management Company, Kazakhmys, KazZinc, KazMinerals, OGK-Group, VBK, UTZM and many others.

During all these years, we have been offering products of exceptional high -quality manufactured in Canada, Australia and EU countries.
Our main partner in Russia and in Kazakhstan is Boart Longyear (Canada), the world’s leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies.
This Company does not need additional advertising and it is well- known among exploration geologists as a standard of the highest quality, which many third-party manufacturers try to achieve.

Our Company together with Boart Longyear is ready to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements and provide the most complex project with high-quality tools and equipment.

Machines and Equipment


Irkutsk research institute of precious and rare metals and diamonds (Irgiredmet) was founded in 1871. Irgiredmet provides comprehensive services to companies developing ore, placer and technogenic deposits.

The main activities of Irgiredmet include:


  • Mineral assays
  • Research and development
  • Design and engineering
  • Equipment, materials and spare parts supply
  • Construction
  • General engineering of processing facilities.


Irgiredmet has 7 specialized technological laboratories. It employs around 300 high-qualified specialists, including 28 candidates of sciences and 6 doctors of sciences. Over the past five years Irgiredmet has conducted analysis of about 200 deposits, developed 50 mining projects, commissioned dozens of processing plants.

Quality of Irgiredmet services is confirmed by leading Russian and international mining companies, including Vysochaishy, Polyus, UGC, Petropavlovsk, Alrosa, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat, Russdragmet, Nordgold, Russian Platinum.


JinShi Drilltech Co

Jinshi Drilltech Co., Ltd. (Former Tangshan Jinshi Superhard Material Co., Ltd.) was founded on the 11th of November 1996. The company specializes in the development, production and sales of exploration drilling tools as well as providing drilling solution and service.
JinShi plant covers an area of 51,800 square meters. With over 360 employees and world-class intelligent production line of diamond core drilling consumables, JinShi possesses core technology of diamond tools and industry-leading knowledge of deep-hole drilling tools. JinShi strict adherence to the ISO9001 quality control system.

Machines and Equipment


K-MINE Inc. develops and implements complete K-MINE-bsed software solutions for mining industry. 


We work on the market of IT-solutions for mining operations over 25 years. 


We have over 600 partners in countries all over the world, and more than 5000 successful implementations of K-MINE software. 


Today, K-MINE is an up-to-date software system that covers all the mining production stages. It helps to complete tasks from three-dimensional modeling of mining fields through reserves valuation to management and work planning of mining equipment in open-pit cuts and mines. K-MINE offers a variety of computer-based modules working on the single shared platform. 


K-MINE is the most budget- and user-friendly complete solution in the world market. Our customers choose K-MINE to boost their productivity, to increase profits, and to make ultimate solutions. 


K-MINE is extensively used in mining, industry safety, ecology, and building industry. Mining engineersland and mining surveyorsgeologists, etc.

IT Solutions


KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services, operating in 153 countries with over 207,000 people working in member firms around the world.

KPMG has been working in Russia and the CIS since 1990, and is the fastest growing Big Four firm with 23 offices, employing together more than 5,500 people.

KPMG has been rated the No. 1 Audit firm in Russia* since 2009.

Our purpose and aspiration is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, our people, and the world’s capital markets.

* RAEX (Expert Rating Agency), Largest Audit Organizations, 2009–2018


Kinross Gold Corporation

Kinross Gold is a Canadian-based gold mining company with mines and projects in Russia, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Ghana and Mauritania, employing approximately 9,000 people worldwide. Kinross has been present in Russia since 1995 and to date is the largest foreign investor in Russia’s gold mining industry. Main Kinross assets in Russia: Kupol mine (“Chukotka Mining and Geological Company”) and Dvoinoye mine (“Northern Gold”), both located in Chukotka. Kinross maintains listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: K) and the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: KGC).

Mining Company

Kopy Goldfields

Kopy Goldfields AB is a Swedish gold exploration company listed at NASDAQ in Stockholm. The Company has some 4,700 shareholders. The company operates in Irkutsk and Amur regions of Russia. The Company holds 8 bedrock and 3 alluvial exploration and production licenses covering total 2,248 sq km. Total resource base under JORC is 1.8 Moz. 

Key project of the Company is “Krasny”, which was discovered in 2011 and has been developed since 2014 as a JV with GV Gold. Krasny has 1.8 Moz of Inferred and Indicated resources. During recent years, an exploration program of >80,000 meters core drilling was completed incl resource reporting in accordance with JORC and GKZ. 

In addition to Krasny, the Company holds 12 licenses, grouped into two gold exploration projects –Maly Patom, a highly prospective greenfield project with an area of 1,941 sq km, and a new Amur project with 104 sq. km.

Mining Company


LIMS is an actively developing independent company focusing on mineral ore research in order to develop and optimize the flowsheet for enrichment and extraction of useful component from ores. We carry out a wide range of research necessary for the detailed understanding of the mineral composition of rocks and ores at different stages of mineral exploration. We provide a geological and technological evaluation of ores and a total geological and economic evaluation of mineral deposits. Our qualified geologists and mineralogists have rich experience in the prospecting, exploration, assessment and exploitation of various types’ deposits and are ready to apply it to solve the most complex problems. Our main advantage is a deep understanding of the requirements of ore enrichment specialists for ores. We work with engineering organizations, mining and processing enterprises, solving fundamental and applied problems of processing mineralogy and geological and technological evaluation of raw materials.


LIM Russia 

Measurement equipment and solutions for drilling: 
– drilling data monitoring parameters; 
– drill navigation solutions; 
– borehole imaging tools (borehole televiewers); 
– geophysical borehole logging equipment; 
– drilling data processing software; 
– drill rig monitoring devices.

Machines and Equipment

Litona Group

“LITONA GROUP” – operator of the outsourcing activities, in order to optimise costs provides professional logistics service supply and the organisation of integrated appliances maintenance of life settlements, including the provision of catering, laundry and cleaning of administrative premises.

• Maintenance of canteens in the camps, and on-site power on-site.
• Internal and external cleaning, dry cleaning and laundry, accommodation services of the customer’s employees.
• Maintenance of buildings, structures and utilities, energy service, preventive maintenance, seasonal and preventive work.
• Logistics service level 3PL: Services of food supply, including socially significant in remote and inaccessible territories of Russia – the implementation of the full range of works and services necessary to promote the goods throughout the chain of movement of goods.
The staff of the company has long-term experience in the organisation of rendering services of catering, cleaning and Laundry on the most various objects.

Our technologists are ready to offer the menu corresponding to any request of the Customer.
Our human resources specialists are able to mobilise highly qualified personnel in any part of Russia in the shortest possible time.

Logistic Services


MICROMINE is a leading provider of innovative software solutions spanning the entire mining cycle from geological exploration and data management to resource estimation, 3D mine design, planning and production control. Company program products:

Micromine is a modular solution that allows you to capture, manage and interpret critical mining and exploration data.

Geobank is flexible, reliable and secure data management solution for the resource industry. Geobank Mobile is a ground-breaking field logging solution that enables geological field data to be collected and manipulated accurately with real-time validation.

Pitram is a fleet management and mine control solution that records, manages and processes mine site data in real-time. As a scalable solution, it is suitable for underground and surface mine construction, development and production.

IT Solutions


Mining Company


Microset LLC has been supplying industrial computer hardware and developing specialized software since 1991.

In 2013, a system for monitoring and production management at gold mining enterprises has been introduced. The company is a developer of an automated monitoring system the “OKO” for mining enterprises.

Along with a set of solutions for managing a fleet of mining equipment and personnel, planning and analyzing the operation of a mining enterprise, the system offers innovative solutions for monitoring an enterprise with automatic determination of the volume of rock mass at each stage of the mining process by processing depth maps from a 3D camera. The solution includes onboard devices for evaluating the performance of various types of mining equipment.

The system is implemented and successfully used in gold mining enterprises of the Magadan region.

Machines and Equipment

Mineral Exploration Network

Mineral Exploration Network (Finland) Ltd is prospecting company taking risks of early stages and providing drill-ready gold exploration targets for JV partners. During the ten years since it was established MEN (Finland) explored over 5000 square kilometres and discovered a number of prospective areas with confirmed mineralisation.

We have balanced combination of experience of traditional geological school with enthusiasm of young geologists supported by modern technologies. We believe that success of exploration is a result of informed target selection and very intensive fieldwork.

The company carries out prospecting in Finland and Spain all year around

Finland and Spain are the best exploration targets in the world with geology similar to the leading gold producing areas, good and easy accessible geological information, perfect infrastructure and government, actively supporting mineral exploration.

Exploration Services

Motion Metrics

Motion Metrics is a market-leading technology company that leverages its expertise in artificial intelligence and computer vision to improve safety, productivity, and efficiency at mines and quarries around the world.
We bring together an experienced team of machine learning scientists, electrical and mechanical engineers, software architects, and technical mining professionals to solve the mining industry’s toughest challenges.  Our machine learning and sensor-based technologies give mines the ability to integrate data from around the mine into their day-to-day decision-making processes without impacting current workflows.

ShovelMetrics™ is our flagship solution and leverages the latest deep learning technology to provide particle size analysis, missing tooth detection and wear monitoring, payload monitoring, and proximity detection for all shovel and loader types.

LoaderMetrics™ uses thermal imaging and deep learning technology to provide missing tooth detection and blind spot reduction.  The system uses an innovative lens cleaning system to prevent environmental debris from obscuring the loader bucket camera.

PortaMetrics™ is a ruggedized handheld device that uses stereo imaging and deep neural networks to provide near-instant particle size analysis without a reference scaling object.  This powerful tool enables blast engineers to validate the accuracy of their blast simulations as well as providing a good indication of diggability.

BeltMetrics™ is our newest product.  It uses the same stereo imaging and deep learning technology as PortaMetrics™ to provide continual, accurate particle size analysis on mining conveyor belts.  BeltMetrics™ also provides empty belt detection.

MetricsManager™ Pro is a centralized web-based platform that aggregates and analyzes equipment data from all installed Motion Metrics systems.  With MetricsManager™ Pro, authorized mining personnel can access equipment activity logs, status updates, in-depth performance reports, and more.

Our solutions are trusted by the world’s largest mining companies and have been installed across six continents.  We’ve implemented a regional approach to provide fast, localized support across time zones.  Our team is headquartered in Canada and has operations in Australia, Chile, and South Africa.  Motion Metrics performs on-site installation and commissioning, training, scheduled maintenance, and performance reports with ease.

IT Solutions

New Mining Company

LLC “New Mining Company” established about 3 years ago with the objective of developing mining projects acquired more than 20 gold and polymetallic licenses located in Siberia and the Far East. At the end of 2019 it is expected that the total reserves will reach more than 130 tons of gold.

Mining Company


Newtrax Technologies Inc. is a supplier of leading technology in wireless connectivity to monitor and provide insights on underground operations, including people, machines and the environment. Newtrax is headquartered in Montréal, Canada.

IT Solutions

Nizhneamurskaya Gornaya Kompaniya

NIZHNEAMURSKAYA GORNAYA KOMPANIYA is the biggest exploration company in the Far East, with fifteen years of experience in the area of comprehensive exploration of deposits of natural resources. Following are the key activities of the company:
• mining and drilling work combined with geological, topographic and geodesic support;
• hydrogeological and geotechnical work; and
• analytical research.
The company is proud of its drilling speed and quality. In 2017-2018, the drilling footage for a normal section, was not less than 3,000 m/rig per month.
In order to perform the work, the company employs some highly qualified staff and uses the following advanced equipment: drilling machines Boart Loanger, bulldozers and trucks. The company has mobile sample preparation units and analytical laboratories at its disposal.
Over 15 years, our company has performed survey and exploration at more than 70 sites of the Siberian and Far East Federal Districts. Based on their results, 10 ore dressing plants have been built, or are under construction.

Exploration Services


«Nornickel» is the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium, and one of the world’s leading producers of platinum and copper. The Company produces cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, tellurium and sulfur.
«Nornickel» is involved in prospecting, exploration, extraction, refining and metallurgical processing of minerals, production, marketing and sale of base and precious metals.
The main Russian production units of «Nornickel» are include: the Polar Division of MMC Norilsk Nickel, Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company and Bystrinsky GOK (Bystrinsky mining and processing plant), located in the Gazimuro-Zavodsky District of Trans-Baikal Territory.
Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta belonging to the Group is the only nickel refining plant in Finland.
Norilsk Nickel has its own global network of representative and sales offices in Russia, the UK, China, USA and Switzerland.
When determining the strategy for its global operations and future development, «Nornickel» is focused on compliance with all social and environmental responsibility principles in the various countries in which it operates, which is essential for ensuring sustainable and efficient business development.

Mining Company

Northern Urals Exploration Company

Northern Urals Exploration Company carries out a range of geological exploration works of ore and non-metallic mineral deposits in the Russian Federation.The fundamental principles of the company are the most effective use of modern exploration equipment, modern drilling technologies, fast and accurate execution of the customer’s orders fully complying with their requirements for exploration.The main company’s activity is drilling operations for mineral exploration:

  • Core-drill method for daylight surface.
  • RC drilling.
  • Drill core orientation for geo-mechanical modelling.
  • Engineering surveys.
  • Hydrogeological works.
  • Geological support for drilling operations.
  • Well Logging surveys.

The company is equipped with modern drilling equipment – both Russian made and imported.

Northern Urals Exploration Company fully complies with ISO 14001 standard for environmental managements systems.

Exploration Services

OGK Group

OGK Group (United Mining Contractor) –

Russian unique full-cycle service company that offers a comprehensive approach to exploitation of solid mineral deposits (SMD) at all stages: carries out all kinds of exploration drilling, blasting and blast hole drilling, underground development, loading and hauling of rock. The company is a contractor of the leading Russian mining companies. OGK Group operates in Russia and abroad. It is in the top 12 drilling companies in the global core drilling market, according to competent international magazine “Coring Magazine”.

Until May 2019 (before merging with DETRA), it was called United Geological exploration Company.

Drilling and Blasting

Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services is a B2B division of the Orange Group that focuses on digital transformation of large businesses around the world. As a global communications provider and IT services integrator, Orange Business Services has unique expertise in the areas of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, data analysis, AI, application development, and cybersecurity. We support and protect our customers at every stage of their data lifecycle: from collection, transfer, storage and processing to analysis and exchange.

We work in 220 countries and territories of the world, and have been present in Russia since 1958, considering it to be the key market for the company. Today our representative offices are open in 34 cities: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. We bring not only our rich international experience, also developing local expertise: our RnD-divisions in the field of the Internet of things and shipping are opened in Russia. We are also the only international telecom operator with its own security operations (SOC) in Russia.

For more information, visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

IT Solutions

Orsu Metals Corporation

Orsu Metals explores Sergeevskoe gold project since 2017. The license area starts some 300 m west from the suspended open pit of the Klyuchevskoe gold deposit and 9 km east from the open pit of the Alexandrovskoe gold deposit. In 2017-18, the company drilled some 18,000 m and trenched 6,500 m. In April 2019, Orsu published a maiden 43-101-compliant Inferred mineral resource estimate of  25.09 million tonnes, grading 1.47 g/t gold and containing 1.19 Moz gold at a 0.5 g/t gold cut-off grade, optimized into an open pit and constrained by the license boundary. In 2019 Orsu continued its exploration efforts aiming to expand the mineralized envelope.

Exploration Services

Ozernaya Mining Company

Ozernaya Mining Company manages a balanced package of assets – the Ozernoye, Nazarovskoye, Ermakovskoye, Talinskoye deposits, and also implements a project to develop the Ozernoye ore area.
The company specialises in developing green-field projects from the “zero” stage. Presently the holding carries out exploration activities, conducts field development and construction of modern mining and metallurgical production complexes using its own energy and transport infrastructure.
The main mining project of the company is the Ozernoye deposit in the Republic of Buryatia (Russian Federation). Ozernoye is one of the top ten zinc deposits in the world in terms of reserves and quality of ores. The resource potential of the Ozerninsky ore cluster is 194 million tons of ore.
The company’s objective is to become one of the leaders in the mining and metallurgical industry, a responsible manufacturer and supplier of polymetals to the international markets. The company’s strategy is aimed at the integrated use of ores and processing of extracted raw materials. One of the priorities for improving the project’s effectiveness is to reduce the amount of rock mass in the quarry by tightening the final position of the side of the quarry.

Exploration Services

Pavlik Gold Ore Company

Pavlik Gold Ore Company JSC holds a license for search, exploration and ore gold mining at Pavlik deposit in Tenkinsky District, Magadan Region of the Russian Federation since 2007.

The company successfully implemented a project to create a mining and processing plant.

Construction of Pavlik mine started in 2012 and lasted about three years. At the end of 2014, started mining, the development of the deposit was started, and in April 2015, the facility started commissioning works, in June was the first gold production. In August 2015, the mine was officially commissioned.

JSC “PAVLIK” took the 9th place (ТОР 10) in the production of gold in Russia.

Mining Company


More than 40 years RBL-REI SA successfully develops and supplies technical solutions for handling bulk solid materials.

RBL-REI SA designs, manufactures, supplies and starts-up 2 different ranges of mining heavy duty conveyors:

  • Long overland curved conveyors reaching up to 40 km length for material ground transfer
  • Subterranean tunnel and mine conveyors for underground operation in complicated conditions (explosion ….)

Alongside with the conveyor systems RBL-REI SA also supplies auxiliary mining and quarry equipment, designs and develops feeding, storage systems and stacking equipment (apron feeders, chain conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, shifted conveyors, trippers…)


RIT Automation

Is a leading company in the market of automated control systems and scheduling of mining in Europe, Central Asia and the countries of post-Soviet space. The company provides a full range of services from pre-sales service to installation and subsequent maintenance of systems across the enterprise.

Founded in 2011, RIT Automation company is Russian intelligence integrator and developer of innovative solutions for automation in the mining industry along with technical consulting in Telecommunications as one of the other lines of our work.

IT Solutions


RPMGlobal Holdings Limited (ASX: RUL) [RPM] is a global leader in the provision and development of mining software solutions, advisory consulting services and professional development.

With history stretching back to 1968, RPMGlobal’s experienced global team are the largest publicly traded independent group of technical experts in the world.

At RPMGlobal we take an intelligent approach to mining by integrating planning, maintenance, simulation, financial and operational systems using our unique Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF).

With contracts and services rendered in 118 countries, we operate out of offices in 20 locations across 11 countries.

IT Solutions


“RosGeoPerspektiva” “group of companies is steadily developing company and holds leading positions at the geological exploration market. The company provides full range of services for subsoil users:

– RC drilling
– Core drilling
– Vibratory rotary drilling
– Hydrogeological drilling
– Blasthole drilling (бурение взрывных скважин)\ Drilling of wells for explosion – бурение скважин для взрыва
– Mining works
– Drilling process geological monitoring
– Rotation camps construction
– Mobilisation and demobilization of drilling equipment
– Laboratory study
– Geophysical study

In more than 20 years of activities, the company implemented more than 70 projects in the territory of Russian Federation and the adjoining states. Seven deposits were included in the RF State balance sheet of Mineral Reserves. The company is engaged in geological study of ore and non-metallic fields in the territory of more than 30 regions including regions with harsh environment and difficult geological conditions.

Today “RosGeoPerspektiva” group of companies has more than 160 pieces of annually updated equipment and qualified staff that works in Russia and in three representative offices in neighboring states. Company management intends to not only gain ground but also develop new streams.

Exploration Services

Royal IHC

Royal IHC (IHC) is a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and mining markets. We have a history of providing reliable solutions for the most difficult maritime challenges from sea level to ocean floor and sustainable life-cycle support from sites and offices on every continent. 

IHC Mining, part of IHCprovides the mining industry with high-quality equipment and engineering services. For any phase in the mining life cycle, we offer innovative solutions, fully tailored to specific commodity requirements. We have a proven track record of solutions for mineral sands, tailings rehabilitation, oil sands, gold, diamonds, tin and other commodities. With more than a century of experience in the mining sector, our expertise includes wet mining, slurry transportation, materials handling and mineral processing solutions. Our in-house consulting team advises clients on the development, as well as operational and performance improvement of their mining projects. 


Russian Drilling Company

Russian Drilling Company – is a company focused on complex geological exploration for solid minerals. Our mission is «turnkey» development of existing sites and “greenfield” projects.

Key components of our services are:

modern drilling equipment and materials produced in Canada;
professional staff with experience in hard working conditions (low temperatures, swamps, mountains etc.);
proven and effective technologies;
a number of regional bases created for improving of logistic management efficiency and supply of the drilling sites with reagents and materials;
compliance with the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and Quality Management System ISO 9001-2011
license to perform different works using radioactive substances and a certificate to perform complex engineering surveys;
compliance with the OSH Management System and local documents of labor protection and industrial safety.

Exploration Services

SGC Group

SGC Group LLc is the exclusive Distributor in Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan of the following producers of drilling geological tools. 

– Diaset (Canada) diamond tools (bits, reaming shells, casing shoes)
– TIME Lmt (Canada) Core drilling tools, auxiliary tools, Retvitable and Bypass wedges
– Discovery Drill Manufacturer (Canada) surface drilling rigs for core drilling depth up to 3 km.
– Tools for underground drilling – Gonar

We are also ready to supply drilling chemicals, polymers, lubricants (Canadian and Australian brands)
Offices and warehouses of SGC Group are located in Saint-Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Almaty Republic of Kazahstan

Machines and Equipment


SGS Chita provides analytical and metallurgical services (geochemical analyses, geometallurgical mapping, metallurgical testing, plant optimization, coal expertise). The laboratory is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service and uses methods which are in line with National Instrument 43-101, Australian JORC Code and leading Russian institutes. The facility allows clients to meet the requirements of the Russian State Mineral Reserves Committee (GKZ).



SON-MAK started its business life in 1983, in Bursa, by fulfilling the various contracts with the State Enterprises. It has started to focus towards drilling machinery sector with acquired production experience and the ability to support modern operating systems and investments since 2000. Today it has taken its place as leading drilling machine manufacturer in the World.

Our company manufacturing Injection Pumps, Sludge Pumps, Automatic Injection Plant and Equipment to the sectors such as mining and power generation, which have strategic importance. As a result of these principles our company remains attached, became a trade mark as LEVENT in our country as well as in many countries in the world.

With strong R & D and the principle of taking into account of our customers’ expectations, we started drilling equipment production in 2012.

SON-MAK MACHINERY, as the locomotive company in the sector, updates frequently its wide range of products such as drilling machine equipments, core drilling, mud pump, injection pump, drilling diamonds and adds high value-added new machines and equipment of world standards.

Machines and Equipment

SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting is a global mining consultancy with offices in each mining region. SRK’s office in Russia opened in 2006 and employs more than 40 people. It provides specialist technical, due diligence and operational efficiency services. With over 20 Russian full-time and three international specialists based in Moscow, it can provide an unparalleled standard of advice through its combination of experience of international best practice, the latest technical software, knowledge of Russian regulations and operating conditions, and access to SRK’s global network. If you need a reliable solution and want a client-focused relationship, contact us at



Seequent enables better decisions about earth, environment and energy challenges.

Seequent’s solutions transform complex data into clear geological understanding. Stakeholders use this understanding to confidently make critical time-sensitive investment and environmental decisions. These decisions bring meaning, extract value, and reduce risk, cost and time.

The company is known worldwide as the developer of the revolutionary Leapfrog® 3D geological modelling software, now used in over 90 countries.

Seequent’s technology contributes to projects in a wide range of industries, including mining and minerals, geothermal and renewable energy, civil engineering and environmental.

Seequent’s global footprint includes its Christchurch-based HQ and R&D centre, and a network of offices in Russia, Australia, South Africa, South America, North America and Europe.

IT Solutions

Shandong Humon Smelting Co.

Shandong Humon Smelting Co., LTD is a leading Chinese gold mining and floating company operating on the best integrated and stable devices. The company specializes in the processing and refining of gold-copper, gold-lead, rare-metal and semi-metal concentrates using the latest side and bottom purge systems with oxygen-enriched air. After thirty years of innovative development, the company has established a vertically integrated system, including exploration, search, mining, enrichment, metallurgy, refining, and deep processing. We are also starting to advance in the field of high-purity metals. Currently, during the year we buy various gold, silver, lead, copper concentrates, the volume of which is 1500 thousand tons, including 700 thousand tons of copper concentrates, 200 thousand tons of lead concentrates, 400 thousand tons of gold concentrates, 200 thousand tons of silver concentrates. Also, we produce 50 tons of gold, 600 tons of silver, 250 thousand tons of electrolytic copper, 100 thousand tons of electrolyte lead, 1300 thousand tons of sulfuric acid per year. In addition to this, using our own technologies, we also extract related components from combined resistant concentrates, produce antimony white, bismuth ingot, tellurium ingot, and arsenic.

Yantai Humon Chemical Auxiliary Co., LTD – a leading manufacturer specializing in mining chemicals in China, is one of the subsidiaries of the Humon group. The company produces xanthates 50,000 tons per year, dithiophosphates 10,000 tons per year, isopropylethylthionocarbamate 10,000 tons per year, sodium thioglycolate 40000 tons per year, 2 ethyl hexyl thioglycolate 6,000 tons per year, etc. More than 60% of products are exported to Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions.

Ores and Minerals Processing


Over the past 25 years, Sigra has found solutions to problems associated with the ground in the fields of mining, civil and petroleum engineering. To do this it has had to innovate both in the ultimate solutions provided but also in the testing techniques it uses, the analysis applied and theory behind the analysis.


During this period Sigra has worked in the fields of:

  • Underground coal mining geomechanics including outbursting and rockbursting
  • Tunnelling
  • Water drainage from mines and civil engineering works
  • Coal seam gas drainage
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Total mine design
  • Commercial gas production
  • Control of gas wells


To do this, Sigra has built a substantial testing capability including:

  • Rock stress measurement
  • Rock property measurement
  • Gas content measurement
  • Gas desorption behaviour
  • The determination of fluid flow and storage parameters in the ground
  • Fluid pressure determination


Sigra has also developed exploration and production equipment including:

  • Specialist drilling tools
  • Well control systems
  • Managed pressure drilling systems
  • Well testing
  • Gas/water/fines separators
  • Field data acquisition and control systems


Sigra’s clients are major mining and petroleum companies, public transport and power groups. Sigra also works with consulting groups. All have benefitted from Sigra’s multi-disciplinary approach and ability to conceive and physically build solutions.



Sinergo is a developer of the 1C: Mining industry product line for mining enterprises, designed for the integrated automation of opencast and underground mining (quarries, opencasts, mines, mines), as well as processing enterprises and trading companies specialising in the sale of minerals.

The solutions of the 1C: Mining industry line provide reliable operational information at any stage of the production process – from exploration and production to processing and shipping of products to consumers. This significantly reduces the labour costs of preparing reports and their analyses. It also allows to increase the effectiveness of short-term and long-term volume-calendar planning and, as a result, obtain a list of indicators for monitoring and managing the mining enterprise.

In total, more than 1,000 users at more than 30 enterprises in the Russian Federation use software products developed by Synergo.

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Skytvarn Resources

Skytevarn Resources Company was created to carry out prospecting, evaluation and exploration work for placer technical garnets in the Lotta river basin (Murmansk region). The perspective occurrences of abrasive garnet were found in this location, which form a large area of placer garnet localization with total resources comparable to the largest deposits. These deposits can fully secure a Russian market of strategic mineral materials and be competitive in the international market. The quality of abrasive garnet comply with the best world samples of garnet sands. The conditional garnet concentrates with garnet content more than 96 wt.% were obtained as well as rutile concentrates. Garnet abrasive is used in many industries, but the main areas of application are waterjet cutting, surface cleaning, production of mechanical filters for various liquids and traditional abrasive materials. The company has the appropriate license to perform geological exploration (licence number МУР 00922ТП). The exploration is carried out at the expense of Skytvarn Resources Company.

Geological Exploration


Federal State Budgetary Institution «Central Research Institute of geological prospecting for base and precious metals» (FSBI “TsNIGRI”)

129-1 Varshavskoye Shosse
117545 Moscow, Russia
Tel/fax: +7 495 313-18-18

General Director: Chernykh A.I.

FSBI “TsNIGRI” is subordinated to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation’s Federal Agency on Subsurface Use.

Minerals: diamonds, gold, silver, platinum-group metals, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt.

FSBI “TsNIGRI” offers its services for federal initiatives:

• Russian mineral base: status and use
• Global mineral markets. Use of best foreign practices
• Program implementation in the Russian diamond, precious and base metal (DPBM) mineral base development and use
• DPBM deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation methods, techniques and technologies
• Introduction of innovative rock and ore composition study methods to prospecting activities
• Forecasting/prospecting deposit models
• Identification and validation of forecasting/mineragenic and prospecting work areas
• Expert and methodical support of federal prospecting
• Inferred resource expertise and approval
• Geological and economic deposit evaluation
FSBI “TsNIGRI” offers the following services to subsurface users:
• Diamond, precious and base metal deposit forecasting, prospecting, evaluation and exploration
• Technical and economic estimations of deposit development feasibility
• Information and consulting services


Thermo Techno

Thermo Techno Group of Companies, with over 20 years of experience, provides turnkey solutions for the automation of express laboratories in the mining, processing, metallurgical, cement and other industries.

Automated quality control systems provide representative sampling at all stages of production, their uniform transmission via pneumatic mail, preparation and analysis. Due to this, the analysis results are highly reliable and accurate. The laboratory systems offered by Thermo Techno Group of Companies include the equipment of our foreign partners and the AIST software – our own development of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). This allows to ensure the maximum degree of integration of equipment into the automated complex.

Since the use of robots and process automation are usually associated with mass production, requiring a large number of repetitive operations at high speed, various criteria are applied to the laboratory automation process in accordance with the tasks assigned to the laboratory staff.

Thermo Techno employees have already installed various automated systems at more than 50 Russian enterprises. We provide our customers with timely service and methodological support and regularly conduct training for laboratory specialists.



Urantzvetmet have been running drilling, geological and exploration operations worldwide for over 15 years. In the field of exploration we gained the confidence of the largest mining enterprises.

The company staff is over 300 highly competent specialists, working, at the moment, on 3 continents: Africa, Eurasia and South America. Right from the start we carried out 120 projects and drilled over 3.4 million linear meters of geological boreholes.

Core projects are connected with exploration for precious metals: gold, silver, platinum. Also a great number of projects in exploration for copper, ferrum, rare metals etc. are carried out.

Company project portfolio is enlarged with researches of radioactive ores. The company has all necessary Certificates and expertise to carry out works keeping up to safety norms to preserve environmental ecology.
Following the results a number of projects, through qualified and quality work, mining enterprises for thousands of working places were built, which supply million tons of mineral resources for the needs of world industry.

Urantzvetmet aims at intensive development, and our achievements are premises for further growth. We strive to strategic partnership and effective work with largest Russian and foreign companies.

Our goal is constant movement to improvements and performance of high quality work. The main priority for the Company is to increase cost-effectiveness of all processes to meet clients’ requirements. We will widen our international representation and ready to provide quality service during all work stages.

Constant improvement of working conditions and regular work for minimization of bad influence on the environment are very important for us.

Exploration Services


All-Russian Scientific-research Institution of Mineral Resources after named N.M. Fedorovsky is head enterprise of Federal Agency for subsoil use “Rosnedra” in information-analytical and experimental-methodical supply of geological subsurface’s study and reproduce of the solid mineral resources including realization of the state monitoring of the condition of the bowels.

Subject of activity consist of the execution of experimental-methodical and geological exploration works, performance of fundamental and applied scientific studies in the field of ore geology.

Address: 119017, Moscow, Staromonetny per., 31
Tel. (495) 950-30-17, Fax (495) 951-50-43,
Director: Doctor of Sciences (Geology and Mineralogy) Mashkovtsev Grigory Anatolyevich


Wardell Armstrong International

With a history going back over 180 years, Wardell Armstrong and its Mining Group, WAI, is a British mining consultancy providing high-standard and value-added professional services to private and public mining companies, banks, audit and law firms, investors and government agencies.

Staffed by over 500 experts with extensive international experience in a diverse range of minerals, we operate worldwide from ten offices in the UK, Russia and Kazakhstan to help our clients get the best possible financial returns – while doing things in a sustainable, responsible way. Almost two centuries of British quality and traditions maintained by WAI make us one of the most trusted name in exploration and mining industry.

WAI provides a wide range of services from preliminary exploration planning, MRE, mine design, HSE, mine closure and financial appraisal provided at all study levels from Scoping Study through to Final Feasibility Study. In addition, WAI has been involved in many AIM and Full Board London Stock Exchange listings as well as TSX and Hong Kong.


ZBO Drill Industries

ZBO is a modern brand of drilling equipment, a fusion of the 60-year history of development and innovations of recent years. 

ZBO Drill Industries – one of the most powerful enterprises in the region – has repeatedly confirmed its competitiveness and serious potential for achieving global goals. 

International markets development, production turnover increasehigh-quality products that prove a high credibility of Russian manufacturing both domestically and abroad – is a priority.

Machines and Equipment