Partner with us!

MINEX Russia offers the opportunity to become an Official Partner to governmental bodies and to international organisations, and to become an Information Partner to media organisations and mining associations. To register as an Official Partner or Information Partner of the Forum, please fill in our application form.

Official Partnership

As an Official Partner of the Forum, government bodies and international organisations can raise awareness of investment opportunities in their jurisdiction and to connect with and promote the interests of the mining and service sectors in their country.

Information Partnership

As an Information Partner of the Forum, media organisations and mining associations will have the opportunity to generate content, meet with potential interviewees, find stories and raise the profile of their brand in the mining industries of Russia.

Example of information dissemination services expected from Information Partner

* Services provided by media partners may vary depending on their capabilities or terms of the agreement

  • Placement of advertising copy relating to the Forum in print publications issued by the Information Partner
  • Placement of the Forum’s promotional banners on the website(s) and email newsletter(s) of the Information Partner
  • Listing the Forum in the events calendar on the information resources of the Information Partner
  • Electronic mailing of announcements of the Forum to the subscribers of the Information Partner
  • Publication of articles and reports about the Forum and provision of published materials for inclusion in the media report issued by the Forum
  • Providing the Forum organisers with similar services (participation in events organised by the partner and the opportunity to disseminate information about the Forum).

Sample information services to provided by the Forum organisers to the Information Partner

* Complimentary services listed below depend on the level of support provided by the Partner

  • One complimentary in-person admission of the representative of the Information Partner to the Forum on 7-8 October 2020
  • One complimentary virtual admission of the representative of the Information Partner to the Forum on 7-8 October 2020
  • Opportunities for the distribution of printed materials at the exhibition organised alongside the Forum (offered to Information Partners who are providing email marketing services)
  • Placing the Information Partner’s logo and a brief profile (up to 100 words) in the Forum partners website section
  • Placement of the advertising module of the Information Partner in the Forum post-event materials (offered to Information Partners who have published Forum advertising copy in their print publications)
  • Complimentary access to the online Forum materials, including slides, forum photos, and videos

Terms of Partnership

  1. All travel, visa, and accommodation expenses associated with participation in the Forum shall be borne by the Partner.
  2. The Partner will be assigned an individual space or table for the distribution of the printed materials at the exhibition venue.
  3. The Partner will be assigned a virtual booth for the distribution of the digital materials.
  4. The Partner will have access to event virtual networking platform.
  5. Logos and advertisements must be provided by the partner in vector curves in EPS/Illustrator/Corel formats; all fonts must be converted into curves.
  6. A link to the Partner’s website and a short description (max. 100 words) must be provided by Partner.


We regret that we are not able to provide delegate lists or send mass emails on behalf of partners to the Forum participants. However, partners are welcome to send additional promotional materials which can be included in the Forum’s post-event report. The report is published two weeks after the Forum on the homepage of the Forum, and is very popular and widely read by the Forum participants.