Technical session 3

16:00 – 18:15 / 7 October 2020   Main Hall

Advanced mining technologies: from exploration to processing.

Tamara Golovina
Нead of Exploration Technologies Department
Polymetal International

16:00 Full Waveform Sonic technique: Russian practice

Oleg Kazanov
Acting General Director
Russian Mineral Resource Institute

16:15 - Advanced mining technologies: from exploration to processing.

Alexey Trusov
Head of Geophysical Modeling Department

16:30 - The success of Geoscan Group in unmanned geophysics, as one of the company's records.

Dmitrii Goglev
Project manager aeromagnetic survey from UAV

16:45 - - Theme Pending

17:00 - Innovations in Non-Destructive Core Analysis

Konstantin Chekan
Leading Expert (Natural Resources)
Geotek (Technoinfo)

17:15 - The merits and pitfalls of Data Science in Mineral Exploration, Does Machine Learning work and how can we improve upon it

James Gilbertson
Managing Director, Principal Geologist
SRK Exploration

17:30 - Novel and non-invasive exploration techniques - the project INFACT legacy

Marko Komac
European Federation of Geologists

17:45 - Robominers: changing the mining groundrules.

Vitor Correia
International Raw Materials Observatory

18:00 - Applying Hyperspectal Core Imaging To See Vms Alteration Zonation In A New Light

Sam Scher
Senior Geochemist