Admission to the MINEX Russia Forum and Exhibition will be carried out in accordance with the requirements issued by Rospotrebnadzor to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection at congress and exhibition events. Review the requirements (in Russian) on the Rospotrebnadzor website.

Sanitary and epidemiological rules at MINEX Russia 2020 Forum and Exhibition

Before opening the forum and exhibition halls, they will be wetly disinfected with viricidal agents and automatic ventilation of the premises will be switched on.

Organisers and staff will be briefed daily on safety measures and the use of disinfectants. Temperatures will be measured for all employees every day prior to admission to the site. People with fever and signs of infection will be immediately suspended from work. On-site contacts between groups of employees will be limited. The organisers and staff will wear protective face masks and disposable gloves at all times.

Sanitary and epidemiological control at the entrance to the hotel

Upon entering the hotel, security personnel will check the temperature of all visitors. If the temperature is detected, the visitor will be invited to the medical room for a second check. Visitors with fever will not be allowed to the forum site. Detailed information on safety and health protocol is published on the hotel’s website.

Online registration and contactless on-site registration

All forum participants and exhibition visitors must pre-register and print a barcode confirmation or save copies on their phones.

Rules of participation in the forum
for delegates, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsor employees

Contactless registration of the Forum participants will be carried out at the registration desk fenced with special protective screens. Upon arrival, the Forum participants will be asked to present the pre-registration confirmation (printed or saved on their phone), after which they will receive a barcoded admission badge. The Forum participants will also receive an individual plastic bag containing the Forum program, disposable headphones, individually packed protective face mask, gloves, and a sanitiser.

The barcoded badge will serve as a pass to the meeting rooms, exhibition halls, and the catering area. Badges will be scanned at the entrance and exits to control the permitted  number of people present is in the exhibition halls, meeting rooms, and in the catering areas.

Simultaneous translation

In the interests of public health safety, simultaneous translation will be organised with an online application that should be pre-installed on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Individual translation headsets will be dispensed with the delegate bags.

Admission to the exhibition

for visitors not registered at the Forum

Admission to the exhibition, organised within the framework of the Forum on 7 and 8 October, is free for visitors. Online pre-registration is required. At the entrance to the exhibition, visitors are required to put on a protective face mask (respirator), gloves, and present to security staff a confirmation of pre-registration printed on paper or saved on the phone. After scanning, the visitor will be admitted to the exhibition area.

Personal badges and handouts will not be issued to visitors.

Visitors are not allowed into the Forum meeting rooms and the catering area.

Exhibition visitors will be to purchase personal health-protective items at the nearby kiosk.

Exhibition visitors will be able to purchase food and drinks at the hotel’s buffet located in the passage connecting the exhibition halls.

Mandatory use of personal protective items

All participants, visitors, organisers and service personnel of the forum and exhibition will be required to wear protective face masks (respirators) and gloves.

Social distancing

To ensure your own safety and health of others, we ask participants to refrain from close contacts, gatherings of 3 or more participants, follow the routes, and comply with the social distancing requirements published on the hotel website.

Catering at the Forum
available to delegates, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsor employees

Catering areas will be equipped with disposable cutlery, disposable drink cups, and individual water bottles.

The cold and hot dishes at the buffet will be served out by the hotel banqueting service.

Preventive measures in the exhibition area

The construction of the exhibition will be organised on 6 October in accordance with the routing schemes and observing the 3 meters aisles width, as well as the arrangement of workplaces at the stands, considering the distance of at least 1.5 meters. The exhibitors working at the booth must always wear masks and gloves. In the case of consuming drinks at the exhibition stands, it is necessary to use disposable cups and tableware. Each exhibition stand must be equipped with a sanitiser. All surfaces should be wiped with an antiseptic cloth every two hours. Every 2 hours, all contact surfaces and common areas in the exhibition halls will be wet cleaned with disinfectants by the hotel staff.

Preventive measures in the Forum meeting rooms

Meeting rooms seating for delegates and speakers will be arranged with 1.5 meters distance between the chairs. Every 2 hours, all contact surfaces and common areas in the meeting rooms will be wet cleaned with disinfectants by the hotel staff.

Where applicable, meeting rooms will be furnished with individually bottled water and disposable cups. 



We care about your health and look forward to seeing you soon!

MINEX Russia 2020 Forum organisers