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Speaker presentations will be organised via ZOOM.  Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed Zoom Client for Meetings on the PC or Mac you are planning to present from.

Please contact in advance Miss Anastasia Bogdanova to test the connection and recording of your presentation by writing to secretariat@minexforum.com .

On the day, please join the ZOOM session 20 minutes before the start of the master class. A link to the ZOOM session was emailed to all speakers and shared as an iCalendar file. If you have not received the link, please request it from secretariat@minexforum.com.

ZOOM Sessions are designed exclusively for the moderators and speakers. Please do not invite your guests to the ZOOM session. They can participate in the masterclass on the MINEX Russia virtual platform. A video demo of the platform is published on the Virtual Master Platform section.

Technical notes

Before the session starts, please set the MINEX Russia 2020 video background in your ZOOM profile. The video file can be downloaded  here.

Please make sure that during your presentation you are not interrupted (don’t forget to mute your phone) and ensure you have good lighting.  To reduce sound interference and good broadcast quality, we recommend using PC or Mac and headphones with a built-in microphone. If you are not speaking or participating in a discussion, please turn off your microphone and video camera.

Questions from the audience

Questions from the audience participating via the virtual platform will be posted to ZOOM chat by the forum’s technical support team.   The questions received in Russian will be translated into English for your convenience.

Simultaneous translation

English-Russian simultaneous interpreters will connect to ZOOM session and will provide a live translation. Attendees will be able to select the required language on the virtual platform.


After the master class, you will be able to invite attendees to meet you on the networking platform. The video description of the platform is published in the Virtual Meeting Room section.

Participation in masterclasses as an attendee

You can attend as an attendee the masterclasses organised by other companies by joining the broadcast platform here.

Video and presentation materials

The video of the masterclasses will be edited and published along with slides in the post-forum materials.  The preliminary publication date is 2 November. Once published, all attendees will receive a link with access code.

Step 2

Download the video background file to your computer and install it in your ZOOM app

Inviting guests

A few days before the start of the forum, we will email an invitation for the masterclasses to all registered forum participants.

You, as organisers, can also send out an invitation to your partners and guests. Please feel free to use the invitation template provided and request form secretariat@minexforum.com the link to the guest registration form.

Once registered, your guests will receive confirmation of their complimentary participation in your masterclass. A copy of the registration will be sent to your employees coordinating your company’s participation in the forum.   To add the email address of your team members in charge of the invitations, please send a request to secretariat@minexforum.com.

A day before the masterclass, your guests will be sent a link to the masterclass broadcast page with the joining instructions.

Virtual meeting room

From 5 October to 8 October, your company’s virtual room will be activated, where you will be able to hold online meetings and presentations for your guests and the forum participants. The video description of the platform is published in the “Virtual Meeting Room” section.

The room administrator’s link and password will be provided to you in advance. If you haven’t received them, please send a request to secretariat@minexforum.com.

Guest invitation template



We are cordially inviting you to the online master class “Enter Master Class Title ” which our company will is holding on 6 October from 00:00 to 00:00 Moscow time on MINEX Russia 2020 virtual platform.

Participation in the master class is free of charge.

The master class program and information about our speakers are available via this link.

During the master class, you will be able to post your questions via the chat function.

Our masterclass will be accompanied by a simultaneous translation from English into Russian.

Watch a demo video of how the masterclasses will be organised.

After the masterclass, we invite you to join us in our virtual room where via microphone and video camera you will be able to chat with our company representatives and hold individual meetings. Watch this demo video about the virtual room.

To join our masterclass, please complete this registration form (please request the link from secretariat@minexforum.com)

About a day before the masterclass, you will receive an email from secretariat@minexforum.com with the joining instructions.

We hope you can accept our invitation.

See you soon at our masterclass.

With respect.