Mikhail Demidovich


Начальник отдела внедрения и технической поддержки
ООО "АГР Софтвер"

In 2007, Mikhail graduated from the Geological Faculty of St. Petersburg State University with a master's degree. Since 2005 he worked at the All-Russian Geological Institute named after V.I. A.P. Karpinsky, where he successfully participated in a number of international projects for the compilation of small-scale geological, tectonic and metallogenic maps. In 2011 he moved to the ARJACY group of companies. Since 2012, he has been in charge of the automation of geological exploration work in this company. Since 2015 Mikhail is responsible for the implementation and technical support of information systems at AGR Software.
Mikhail has extensive experience in the application of modern technologies for various geological work.

08.10.2020 16:00 - External meeting of the expert and technical council of the FBU "GKZ" | Pushkin Hall

Preparation of geological documentation in electronic form using the AGR software package. Compliance with industry standards and GKZ requirements

Primary geological information is one of the most complexly organized and difficult to formalize types of data. Over the years of implementation of the AGR system at a variety of facilities, we have encountered completely different situations, both geologically and organizationally.
The result of our work is a complete set of geological documentation, which is generated automatically and meets all domestic and international standards. Field geologists are freed from routine operations, and management gets a tool to monitor the progress of work.
For experts who need to quickly familiarize themselves with the array of primary data, make sure of their completeness and quality, we are ready to provide the most simple and transparent access to information. The set of modules included in the AGR system, in particular the separate AGR Reader product, as well as the AGR data management server solution, allow access to the data collected by the subsoil user, view primary geological information both in its original form, in the form of field journals and photographs, and in integral format in the form of a database.
Now more and more subsoil users are using our system and are ready to provide data for examination in our format. We are ready to provide the technical ability to access this data for verification and archiving.