Rostislav Bilik


AGR Software

In 2000 graduated Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University majoring in automation and control systems. In 2000-2004 studied in the graduate school in the Baltic State Technical University "Voenmeh" majoring in system analysis, control system and data processing. In 2004 earned PhD by successfully defending the thesis “Improving control over braking and acceleration of the rail transport”.
In 1999-2005 Rostislav Bilik worked for HC “Leninets” developing embedded software for aircraft radars and rail transport. In 2004 he became the head of a software engineering laboratory.
In 2005-2010 Rostislav worked for Motorola, where in various positions (from an engineer to the acting architect of a big international project) was engaged in projects on telematics software engineering for Daimler Chrysler and Continental.
Since 2010 Rostislav has been leading the AGR development project (automation of geological exploration). In 2015 the project became an independent business run by AGR Software LLC, with Rostislav Bilik as Director General.


07.10.2020 14:00 - Technical session 2 | Glinka Hall

A modern workstation for a logging geologist: what should it be like?

IT developing at a fast pace over the last years made it possible to automate many tasks in the geological industry. And it is not just automation of routine tasks we talk about, but a major breakthrough. E.g., along with performance optimization the quality of mining projects considerably improved. This happened through the use of geological information systems, dispatching systems, various CAD software, and so on.
To handle raw geological data, electronic document systems started to be used. AGR is one of such systems developed by our company. Originally, it was just software, though quite user-friendly, full-featured and efficient. However, exploration support means not just logging. It also includes sampling, sample marking, core photographing. That was the reason why we continuously updated the AGR system by adding various units (weighing and marking station for samples, integrated photo facility, lab interaction module, etc.).
Finally, we have decided to significantly improve a workplace for a logging geologist. As a result, we’ve designed a special roller table with good lighting and camera, which allows working with samples and AGR to generate electronic documentation.
This paper describes how we created and use an advanced automated workstation.