Dmitry Shnayder


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Technical Sciences Doctor, Professor of the Automation and Control Department, South Ural State University, (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
Scientific interests:
Model-predicative control of technological processes; production processes optimization based on mathematical modeling methods and data mining; energy saving in industry and housing and communal services.
Scientific results:
Developed and implemented a number of original automated control systems, including:
- automated systems of model-predictive control of steam boilers in thermal power plants;
- optimization information and control systems in coke-chemical, ore-dressing and blast-furnace production;
- automated systems for energy-saving control of outdoor lighting in cities;
- systems for monitoring and intelligent analysis of technological equipment operating modes using the industrial Internet of things technology.Supervised two technical sciences candidates, who defended thesis
in Automation and control of technological processes and production (industry)
More than 80 scientific papers have been published.

07.10.2020 14:00 - Technical session 2 | Glinka Hall

Optimizing the operation of mining and processing plants using an automated advisor system

Advisor system is designed to control ore processing.
Optimization is searching for the best equipment operating modes in the given conditions of the incoming ore quality implying one or several optimization criteria:
- increase of productivity;
- improving the concentrate quality;
- cost reduction (loss of useful content in the tailings, electricity, etc.).
The system is implemented as an intelligent superstructure over the existing SCADA and consists of server and client parts. The server side is the computing core of the system that uses algorithms for model construction employing data mining methods.
Information to the model database comes from enterprise information systems (MES, SCADA) in real-time mode.
The client side allows user to interact with the System: it displays recommendations to the operator, provides feedback in the form of acceptance / rejection / comment to the advice, allows the formation and visualization of statistics on the System operation.
The System’s functions also include automatic reports mailing and SMS notifications about equipment failures, technology violations, failures and incorrect operation of sensors.