Daria Khrenova


Jury Chairman of MineMovie Film Festival
Film director, screenwriter

Daria was born in Moscow. Graduated from VGIK (Faculty of Film Studies).

Since 1998 director, author, editor-in-chief of TV programs, special projects (over 300 TV programs and films) on the TV channel “KULTURA” and other Russian TV channels. Columnist, author in periodicals, magazines, Internet platforms.

Has been filming documentary films since 2010.

2009-2018 - Associate Professor of the Department of Mass Media at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.

Since 2014 - head of the film and TV directing workshop.

In 2018, she held a series of lectures and film screenings at American universities Fordham University (New York), Smith College, UMass (Amherst), Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley), and spoke at the ASEEES Slavic Forum (Boston).

Laureate of Russian and foreign film festivals, participant of international forums and pitches.

Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, member of the Guild of Non-Feature Films and TV.

The general director of the "Magic Mountain" studio.


Trailers of author's documentaries:

"Who will be my husband?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIsvhfheNv4&t=1s

"The Baron's Last Campaign" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf8SfYgz2qU&t=3s

Naked Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IIztQpbMlE&t=44s

"Country of Bears" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAJy-Xgbmh4


1998 - 2008 - director, author, editor-in-chief of cycle programs on the Kultura TV channel:

- "Dispute about", "Apocrypha" (presenter - Victor Erofeev)

- "Masterpieces of Old Cinema" (host - Ivan Dykhovichny)


Prize of the Archival Film Festival at the State Film Fund for the best TV program about cinema "Masterpieces of Old Cinema", 2006

- "Magic of cinema", newsreel, (presenters Sam Klebanov, Yegor Konchalovsky) 2006-2009


TV channel "Culture"

- "Documentary camera" (author and presenter - Andrey Shemyakin), 2006 - 2013

Mihai Eminescu Prize for TV programs about the artist Vincenzo Bianchi (Romania), 2011

- "Filmmakers: Builders and Rebuilders", documentary series, 2010


Since 2009, author, director of projects and special projects TVC TVC, REN-TV, First. World Wide Web.

- "Survive in the Metropolis", documentary series, author and director, 2011, TVC channel

- "ZhZL", weekly talk show, screenwriter, 2011 -2012, Channel One. Worldwide network

- Special projects "Live theme", director ("I'm not afraid", "Point of return", etc.), TV channel REN



“Pomors. First in the Arctic ", 39/52 min, documentary, director/screenwriter, 2011

Production: "VIB-Film", Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography


"The Magic Mountain of Vincenzo Bianchi", 39/52 min, documentary, director/screenwriter, 2013

Production: "VIB-Film", studio of Andrey Shemyakin (with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation)

- film-participant of the out-of-competition program of the OPEN PLACE festival, 2013 Rezekne, Latvia

- film-participant of the II International Forum "Cinema of Friends", 2014 Loutraki, Greece

- film-participant of the INPUT conference, 2013 Moscow, Russia

- Laureate of the III Moscow Youth Film Festival "Let's Live!" , 2013. Prize in the category "Honestly about this" Moscow, Russia

- Nominee for the STRANA prize, 2013 Moscow, Russia

- Nominee for the Laurel Branch award, December 2013 (as the best popular science educational film) Moscow, Russia

- Laureate of the Shukshin Film Festival 2014 Barnaul, Russia

-Diploma "For loyalty to the ideals of V. Shukshin"

- a film-participant of the International TV Forum "Together", 2014 Yalta, Russia

- Laureate of the Space DocFest Film Festival, Museum of Cosmonautics, April 2015 Moscow, Russia. Diploma

- film-participant of the out-of-competition program of the film festival "Man and Nature", XSh Baikal International Festival of Documentary and Popular Science Films, September 2014 Irkutsk, Russia


Shows on TV channels: OTR, 24.05.2014 / 20.09.2014

"Russia-Culture" - screening of 3 special issues in the "Documentary camera" format, 2011-2012

“The main celebration of life”, 16 min, short documentary, director / screenwriter, 2014


Shows on TV: "24 DOC"

Production: NKS Media, "Magic Mountain" studio for 24doc

- nominee for the Laurel Branch award-2014 (in the top three finalists for the Best Non-Fiction Short Film nomination)

"The Baron's Last Campaign", 77 min, a documentary film with reconstructions, director/author, 2015 Production: "VIB-film", studio of Andrey Shemyakin (with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation)

-Film of the opening of the VII Republican Festival of Cossack Culture "Unity" (July 2015) Novoselenginsk, Buryatia, Russia
-Two nominations for the Laurel Branch award (as the best non-fiction film and for the script) 2015 Moscow, Russia
- film-laureate of the XII Festival of military-patriotic cinema "Volokolamsk border", Press Prize, 2015 Volokolamsk, Russia
- film-participant of the program "Wednesday" of the International Festival "Artdokfest" (December 2015) Moscow, Russia
- public premiere at the Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Abroad (April 2016) -
-film-participant of the festival "Golden Knight" (June 2016), Sevastopol, Russia
- film-laureate of the festival "Date with Russia" (October 2016), diploma "Chronicle of Russia", Pushkino
- film-participant of the Russian Renaissance festival of Russian cinema in Mongolia (October 2016), Ulan Bator, Mongolia

"Who will be my husband?", 64 min, documentary, director/screenwriter, 2015 Production: "Foundation for Ethnogeographic Research" in cooperation with the studio "Magic Mountain" (with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation)

The script "Sand Runs Fast" ("Who Will Be My Husband?") Was specially awarded by the Lyubimovka-2014 Festival of Young Drama

- film-participant of the festival "Russia" - 2015 Yekaterinburg, Russia
- twice nominated for the Laurel Branch award - 2015 (art film and script) Moscow, Russia
- film-laureate of the festival "Integration" 2015, diploma of the festival, Moscow, Russia
- film-participant of the conference INPUT 2015 Moscow, Russia
- film-participant of the International Festival (May 12-16) 2016 TRT Documentary Awards Istanbul, Turkey
- a film-participant of the International Festival "Victory Together" (May 2016)
- film-participant of the International Festival Bosifest-2016 Belgrade, Serbia (June 1-3, 2016)
- film-participant of the Russian programs of the Moscow International Film Festival (July 2016) Moscow, Russia
- film-participant of the festival "Let's Live!" (September 2016) Moscow, Russia
- a film-participant of the International Festival "Flahertiana", national competition, (September 2016) Perm, Russia, as well as "Echo of Flahertiana" (November 2016)
- film-participant of the International Documentary Film Festival CineDoc Tbilisi (October 2016) Tbilisi, Georgia
- film-laureate of the festival "Autumn", the prize for the best camera work (October 2016) Moscow, Russia
- film-laureate of the festival "Cinema without Barriers", Jury Prize, (November 2016) Moscow, Russia
TV: screening of the film on OTR (August 2016)

Naked Life, 71 min, documentary, director/screenwriter, 2016

Production: Co-production with Latvia ("Egomedia" with the support of the Latvian Culture Foundation), Studio "Magic Mountain" together with the studio "Ethnogeographic Research Foundation"- Film-laureate of the Artdokfest festival, competition (December 2016) Moscow, Russia
- in the top three nominees for the "White Elephant" award of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics as the best film of 2016
- film-participant of the Riga International Film Festival (September 2017), Riga, Latvia
- film-participant of the MeetDocs festival (November 2017), Kharkiv, Ukraine
- film-laureate of the "Sputnik over Poland" festival (November 2017), Warsaw, Poland
- participant of the Gdansk International Festival (June 2018), Gdansk, Poland
- film-participant Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, official selection (2018, Pärnu, Estonia)
- film-participant of the Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos (2018, Bolivia, Sucre) official selection
- film participant 27 Festival du cinema Russe, official selection (11/2019, Honfleur, France)

TV channels: Finland, Israel, New Zealand, etc. The film is also distributed by JOURNEYMAN PICTURES (UK) and on the Amazon platform (USA) https://www.amazon.com/Pavlensky-Life-Naked-Petr/dp/B01MRAQFRZ

"Land of Bears", 52 min, TV documentary, director/screenwriter, 2018, Production: Doc-Film Studio
-International Ethno-Festival "Nomad Universe" (2019, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh)
-All-Russian Ecological Film Festival of Competitive Films "Meridian of Hope", Best Popular Science Film, Diploma of the Regional Public Organization "Center for Promotion of Popular Science Cinema" (2019, Russia, St. Petersburg)
-All-Russian festival of nature "Primordial Russia" (2019, Russia, Moscow)
-Festival "Travel in Russia" (2019, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow)
-International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő (2019, Hungary, Gödöll)
-International Film Forum "Golden Knight" (2019, Russia, Sevastopol)
-International ecological television festival "To Save and Preserve", Jury Diploma (2019, Russia, Khanty-Mansiysk)
-Baikal International Film Festival "Man and Nature" (2019, Russia, Irkutsk)
-Festival of Visual Anthropology (2019, Russia, Moscow)
-National Telecine Forum "Native Trails" (2019, Russia, Moscow)
-International Festival of Ethnological Film (2019, Serbia, Belgrade)
-Matsalu Nature Film Festival (2019, Estonia, Lihula)
-Prize of the film festival "Russian Week in Pisa" (2019, Italy, Pisa)
-The Golden Unicorn Awards & Russian Film Week (2019, UK, London)
-International festival of environmental films "Green Look", Prize in the competition "Ecology of the Soul" (2019, Russia, St. Petersburg)
- International Film Festival "Northern Character", (2020, Russia, Murmansk)
- "Zero Plus" (2020, Russia, Tyumen)

Producer of documentaries:
“Who will be my husband?”, 64 min, author's project by Daria Khrenova, 2015, Russia
“Naked Life”, 71 min, author's project by Daria Khrenova, 2016, 71 min, Russia-Latvia
"Hasret / Hasret", 90 min, authors Elena Demidova, Daria Khrenova, director Elena Demidova, 2019, Russia-Turkey, stage of readiness: post-production

One of the specializations of the Magic Mountain studio is the creation and promotion of debut films:

"I Believe, I Believe", 54 min, documentary by Masha Kosobokova and Polina Zavadskaya, 2017, producer and artistic director Daria Khrenova
- film-laureate of the film festival "KINOSHOK", special prize, main competition 2018, Anapa, Russia
- film-laureate of the student film festival Saint Anna, Moscow, 2018, diploma
- film-participant of the XX All-Russian Shukshin Film Festival, main competition, July 2018
- film-participant of the "Festival Salón Internacional de La Luz" film festival, main competition 2018, Columbia, Bogota
- film-participant of the VOICES Film Festival, main competition 2018, Vologda, Russia
- film-participant of the Great Message IFF Film Festival, main competition 2018, India, Pune
- film-participant of the RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W film festival, main competition 2018, USA, New York
-film-laureate of REC festival, main competition, main prize for documentary film, 2018, Sevastopol-Novosibirsk-St. Petersburg
- film-participant of the INPUT international conference, main competition, Thailand, Bangkok, 2019

"Borovsk Effect", 80 min, documentary project, author Boris Minaev, directors Polina Zavadskaya and Yulia Grebennikova, 2019 producer and artistic director Daria Khrenova
- Project-winner of the pitching of the Film Festival -2018, support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation
- film-participant of the International Film Festival "Artdokfest", special program "We Can Repeat" (December 2019) Moscow, Russia
- show at the Museum of the History of the Gulag and the International Memorial, January 2020
- online screening of Novaya Gazeta in the top ten films, January 2020
- screening at the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg
-participant of the festival Date with Russia (online)
-The Râșnov Film and Histories Festival, edition # 12

"Ichthyosaurus", 52 min, documentary by Nadezhda Krutko-Saballos (graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, workshop of D. Khrenova), 2020 producer and artistic director Daria Khrenova (post-production)

"Verevkin's Cave: Discovery of the Depth", documentary by Vasilisa Yurenkova, (MGIK graduate, workshop of D. Khrenova), 2020 producer and artistic director Daria Khrenova (in production)

- Head of the Summer Film Workshop at the Small Academy of Sciences of Simferopol (Crimea) - 2014, 2015.

- Head of the documentary film workshop of the Summer School (Russian Reporter). Dubna-Kimry, 2016


Further training:
- Courses / master classes on drama in schools "Cinemotion.Lab", A. Mitta 2010-2012
- Annual course of drama in the Cultural Bureau laboratory, section of the film series with British tutor Peter Ansorge (Commissioning Edior of Drama at Channel 4, London) - 2013-2014
- School "Arka", a workshop of feature films under the supervision of the studio "Bazelevs" (conducting master classes and training in parallel),
K / m diploma-screenlife "Celebration" 14 min
School "Arka", course of Nikolai Lebedev, 2019-2020

Production: "Ghost Train"

Films in post-production: “Abduction of Bogdo Khan” “Invisible Hope”, “Flowers of Evil”

Contacts: darya.info.cinema@gmail.com
+7 (905) 7813571