Boris Voskresenskii


Severstal Digital

Boris Voskresensky was appointed Director of Digital Technologies Development at Severstal in June 2020.

Boris Voskresensky has been working at Severstal since 2017 as the head of data science (product development based on mathematical statistics, machine learning, and data analysis) of Severstal Digital. Previously, he worked as a data scientist at Sberbank, and before that he headed the risk management department and was a member of the risk management committee at a factoring company. He has professional certification in risk management (FRM) and is part of the global data science community as a Kaggle Master (Kaggle is one of the most prestigious platforms for solving real-world problems in machine learning, the Kaggle Master title is given for receiving one gold and two silver medals in various competitions).

08.10.2020 14:00 - Mining Goes Digital – Session 3 | Main Hall

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Increase Flat Products Production

Within the framework of this report, 2 cases will be considered on accelerating the production of flat products at Severstal:
1) Controlling the rolling speed of slabs on mill 5000 using machine learning algorithms;
2) Control of the speed of the continuous pickling unit No. 3 based on artificial intelligence.
We are witnessing a significant increase in the productivity of the units, in particular, the NTA-3 demonstrates historical records in product output.