Maksim Antonov


Director of practice "IT and Digital transformation"

• Since 2015 in Cornerstone team
• Education: RUDN University, International relations
• Previous work experience: State Duma
• Search specialization: CIO, CDO, CTO, BigData
• Among successful projects, closing positions:
- Chief Information Officer (TOP-3 logistics company);
- Chief Information Officer (oil and gas company);
- Chief Data Officer (Bank TOP-5);
- Chief Technology Officer (Bank TOP-30);
- Head of Infrastructure Department (Bank TOP-20).


07.10.2020 14:00 - Technical session 2 | Glinka Hall

Digitalisation in industry through the prism of personnel shortages

1. The first wave of digital transformation in industry revealed a number of acute problems in hiring highly qualified IT specialists and forming new teams. How to solve them?
2. How did the pandemic affect the situation in the personnel market in IT: freeze or a sharp increase in demand?
3.What kind of staffing requirements does business come with when implementing digital transformation?