Jamie Spiers


Senior Tailings Engineer
SRK Consulting UK

Jamie Spiers (CEng, MSc DIC) is a Chartered Engineer and Senior Consultant (Tailings Engineering) with over 14 years of experience in tailings and mine waste engineering, geotechnical engineering and environmental studies. His main area of expertise is in tailings dam management and design, gained from experience working on large copper, uranium, gold and iron ore mining engineering studies in Ukraine, Russia, West Africa, the EU, PNG and Australia. Jamie’s background is in geology, where he gained valuable mining experience based in West Africa on gold exploration prospects. He has since managed a broad range of projects involving foundations investigation and design, tailings storage facility and waste rock dump design, mine site closure design and closure costing. Jamie has also undertaken dam safety audits for various mining operations.

06.10.2020 11:00 - SRK Consulting Masterclass | Online

Tailings Risks

A introduction to the systemic risks associated with tailings storage facilities in Russia.