Boris Logutov


Chief Geologist

Born in 1966. Graduated from the Geological Faculty of Perm State University in 1990. He worked as an engineer at the Department of Geophysical Methods for Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Deposits at PGU in 1989 and, since 2002, as a chief geologist at the enterprises of Gornozavodskgeologiya, Zapadnouralsk Geological Prospecting Company and JuniorGeo, Genesis-Perm at present

07.10.2020 14:00 - Technical session 1 | Main Hall

Kvartsevogorskaya gold-bearing area, results, prospects, economics I Kvartsevogorsk gold-bearing area, results, prospects, economics; Krestovozdvizhensky experimental research and production site.

The presentation provides information on the preliminary results of geological exploration at the complex ore-placer gold-bearing object "Kvartsevogorskiy" (Perm Territory, Middle Urals).
Preliminary results are presented in comparison with the already explored Polunochny adjacent complex gold-bearing object.
A preliminary geological and economic assessment of the industrial development of the proposed field is also presented.
Calculated the degree of potential risks of an investment in the project;

The report on the topic "Krestovozdvizhensky experimental research and production site" presents materials on the goals and objectives of the formation of the test site:
- Development of methods for extracting fine and thin gold from man-made dumps and placers of various types;
- Development of a method for joint extraction of placer gold and diamonds;
- Development of a methodology and preliminary results of gold extraction from groundwater in technogenic deposits;
- Formation of a platform for holding scientific and practical conferences on geological exploration for ore and placer gold;
- Formation of a platform for student training and practical training for young geologists.