MineInvest – junior mining projects accelerator competition

The objective of the competition is to provide a platform for independent evaluation of early stage and developing mining projects and to discuss opportunities for their accelerated implementation with the assistance from investors and financial backers.

Who is invited?

Subsoil users, prospecting artels and individual entrepreneurs developing mining projects in the Russian Federation and overseas are invited to participate in the competition.

Why participate?

Participation in the competition is an opportunity to receive the recommendations from leading experts, attract potential partners or investors, promote the projects to the forum’s worldwide international audience.

The Winners will be awarded the Competition Diplomas and valuable gifts.

What projects?

  • Greenfield ores and metals exploration projects.
  • Brownfield projects including mine modernisation, renewal of mining activities, mining waste management and infrastructure development, mine closure.
  • The proposed share for acquisition to the investor is more than 40%.

Speaker Presentations

All presenters must pre-register for the Forum before 4 September 2020 and pay the registration fee, unless exceptions have been pre-agreed with the organisers.

How the competition will be organised

  • The presentations submitted for the competition will be judged live by a jury consisting of the competent persons entitled to sign reports on the results of geological exploration, resource and reserves estimation, heads of mining companies responsible for strategic development and investment activities, as well as representatives of investment companies, banks, private equity funds, and government organisations.
  • Each contender will be offered 10 minutes to present their project and answer the questions. In case the presenter cannot attend the forum in-person, the jury of the competition may allow participants to present virtually or send a pre-recorded video for evaluation. The winners will be selected by the jury via a close vote.
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold prizes have been created for the winners of the MineInvest Russia 2020 competition.
  • The awarding ceremony for contenders and winners will take place at the main stage of the Forum on 7 October.
  • All contenders will be awarded the competition diplomas and souvenirs prepared by the companies represented in the jury.
  • The winners will be awarded commemorative competition prizes.

Participation in the forum and presentation at the MineInvest competition

Forum + Presentation Commercial rate Academic rate
In-person 650 USD 325 USD
Virtual 150 USD 75 USD

Requirements for the Preparation and Submission of Presentation Materials

The working languages of the forum are Russian and English. When preparing speeches and presentation slides, speakers can use either one or both languages. During the forum, only one presentation can be presented on the screens. For the simultaneous use of two languages in the presentation, speakers can divide the slides into two parts, presenting the content of each slide in Russian and English.

Dates to remember

4 September – speaker registration deadline. Speaker (or his / her assistant) are required to complete speaker form and provide the following information: speaker’s photo, biography (up to 150 words), the title of the presentation, a brief summary of the presentation (up to 200 words).



15 September or before – submit slides for publication in the forum materials. Submit to slides@minexforum.com presentation slides for publication on a mobile app. The title must indicate “Presentation for publication in the mobile application”. Slides must be prepared in standard 4:3 ratio in PDF format open for public viewing. If the file size exceeds the allowed parameters, it can be sent via a free service: (for example, https://wetransfer.com) by sending a link to the file to the address: slides@minexforum.com.

25 September or before – submit slides for screen projection. Submit to slides@minexforum.com presentation slides to be projected on the screen during the forum. Slides must be prepared in standard 4:3 aspect ratio in PPT, PPTX, or PDF format. The title should indicate “Slides for projection onto the screen”. If the file size exceeds the allowed parameters, it can be sent via a free service: (for example, https://wetransfer.com) by sending a link to the file to the address: slides@minexforum.com.

25 September or before – submit a video recording. In the case when the speaker is unable to present in-person, please record and upload presentation video in unlisted or public viewing format to YouTube or Vimeo and submit the link to slides@minexforum.com.

Video Length Limitations

The duration of the video recording of the presentation intended for broadcast during the MineDigital competition should not exceed 10 minutes.

The duration of the video recording of the presentation intended for publication on the website must be agreed with the forum secretariat on a case by case basis.

The second annual competition of mining investment projects MineInvest was held on 9 October in Moscow alongside the MINEX Russia 2019 Mining and Exploration Forum. 

The competition was organised with the aim of independent evaluation of investment projects and discussion of opportunities for their accelerated implementation with the participation of investors, financial bakers and consulting companies. 

The competition was sponsored by the international audit company KPMG. 

The jury consisted of senior representatives from KPMG, Gazprombank, Polyus, Polymetal, GeoProMining, GV Gold, Highland Gold Mining and RT – Business Development. 

Ten prospecting, exploration and mining projects have been admitted for the competition. Information about  the competition presenters  is published on  https://www.minexrussia.com/2019/en/forum-agenda/mineinvest/ 

The first place was awarded to “Unkursky copper-silver project in the Udokan ore district”, presented by Alexander Yakubchuk, Vice President for exploration, Azarga Metals Corporation.

Boris Logutov, Chief Geologist, Junior Geo, came second with the project “Chuvalskaya gold ore area, results, prospects, investments”.

Viktor Nikolaychuk, Deputy General Director, Geo-Project took the third place with the project “Gold mining of the Lysogorsk deposit”.

All finalists received competition diplomas and the winners were awarded prizes from MINEX, KPMG and SkyEng.

Participants and winners  were congratulated by the MineInvest competition Chairman – Olga Plevako, Partner, KPMG.