- First Russian-language geological/mining YouTube video-channel
- Established in 2012 by private investors,
Channel has over 8000 direct YouTube-subscribers, 

- More than 1.200.000 views,
More than 1000 videos,
More than 1000 daily views


  • Mining engineers, geologists, mining and oil & gas companies top-managers and owners, scientists, mining, geological and oil & gas university professors.  
  • Geography: 71% Russian, 29% abroad (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, the UK, USA, etc.) 
  • Demography: age of viewers - 25-45 

PartnershipsNon-commercial Partnerships "Miners of Russia", Union of Oil & Gas industry of Russia,  Forum “MINEX”MISIS-MSMU, MSU, Russian State Geological Prospecting University (MGRI-RSGPU), the Union of Goldminers of Russia, the organizers of the exposition "MiningWorld-Russia", Russian Geology Society - RosGeoVIMS (Mining Research Institute), Mineralogy Institute of Ural District of Russian Academy of Science (Miass-town, Ural), Geology Institute of Russian Academy of Science (Ufa), Mining Institute of the Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk), Vernadsky Geology Museum (Moscow)Fersman Mineralogy Museum (Moscow), Oceanology Institute of Russian Academy of Science, etc.
The channel broadcasted the lectures of members of the Russian Academy of Science: Alexander LisitsinRobert NigmatulinFedor LetnikovAnatoly DmitrievskyAlexey KontorovichNicolay BortnikovNicolay MelnikovYury MalyshevVictor PuchkovLev PuchkovLeonid VaysbergNicolay YereminVictor ShatskyVictor Anfilogov, Vice President of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Arens, etc.
We moderate Facebook-communities: "Geology and Mining in Russia",  IT-Technologies and Innovations in Mining”, «Metallurgy». 

We also hold regular scientific seminar «IT and Innovations in mining» (MISIS-MSMU). 

Viewers Feedback:  
Victor Starostin,  Professor, Chair of geology and geochemistry at the MSU (Lomonosov University), PhD:  
"- The channel has become an important and necessary element of the Russian geology community. This is the only cross-field information channel that provides current updates not only to those who work, research or study geology but also those who are just interested".    
Valery Maslennikov, Director of Mineralogy Institute of Ural District of RAS, PhD: 
"- Creation and development of the First Geological channel are very important to spread scientific knowledge about Earth. The channel shares new problems in the research of origins, mining, and processing of various mineral resources in one of the most natural ways. It also gets us acquainted with the people who create this knowledge in the areas of geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and geo-ecology". 
Boris KurtsevMicromine-Russia, General Manager: 
«- The channel helps mining industry professionals to get current data. The information, posted on the channel, helps us stay updated on the latest developments and opinions of leading experts. We take those into account when planning our future operations». 
Igor Belousov, viewer: «- I'm really surprised by your channel. It's very alive and you post interesting well-designed videos pretty often. We do not see this a lot on Russian YouTube...».