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Since 2012: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, member of the Committee on Energy Strategy and Development of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Russian Federation

08.10.2020 14:00 - External meeting of the expert and technical council of the FBU "GKZ" | Pushkin Hall

Plasma technologies for producing pure metals and silicon from ore concentrates

For the first time in the world, direct metal reduction technology was implemented (black, coloured, rare) to their chemically pure state from ores concentrates by plasma bypassing all traditional stages of the metallurgical process with a cost of 3-10 times cheaper than traditionally existing ones, while the environmental component is improved by 9 times by the formation of slags until they are completely absent and 27 times by the emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere. The technology allows you to obtain the cheapest solar gradation silicon directly from silicon oxide using environmentally friendly chlorine-free technology.

The technology allows direct, environmentally clean reduction of metals from ores concentrates by plasma method with practically no impact on the environment, produce pure iron 99.95%, chromium, nickel, silicon technical and solar gradation, manganese, ferroalloys, steels based on them with new properties, alloys, ligatures with extremely high profitability, as well as production of boron carbides and nitrides, silicon, titanium, zirconium, tungsten, pyrocarbon and composite materials based on them. Considering that st