Kobus Potgieter


Principal Mining Engineer
AMC Consultants

Kobus is a principal mining engineer with 30 years of mining production operational improvement experience, He has strong decision guidance and expert-level business improvement knowledge. During his time as General Manager and mining professional at Chrome, Gold, Manganese, and Iron Ore mines, Kobus demonstrated substantial hands-on production improvement results. Since joining AMC in 2017, Kobus has been responsible for Performance Diagnostic, with specific focus on benchmarking of equipment productivity and cost, providing effective asset management and de-risked decision making.

06.10.2020 15:00 - AMC Consultants Master Class | Online

Performance Diagnostic - Improving Performance

With more and more data collected by mines every day, which imply more data captured and stored by peers, the opportunity for benchmarking, and data analysis is now larger than ever. This paper expands on the AMC Performance Diagnostic, what is and how it can be applied to improve performance.