Anatoly Fomin


Solution Factory

15 years in information technology, more than 20 major automation projects, including participation in the launch from scratch of one of the first regional payment systems in Russia "billing" (4500 self-service kiosks in the Krasnoyarsk territory), the launch from scratch of one of the most successful (according to the publishing house "Kommersant") coalition loyalty programs in Russia "piggy Bank" (1,100,000 active users).

The company "Solution factory" has been operating since June 2018, but the company's team consists of specialists well-known to the Krasnoyarsk and Russian information technology markets. The company's team participated in most of the most significant developments in the region.

One of the key competencies of the team:

Artificial intelligence systems, machine learning and virtual reality.

The company specializes in launching and developing its own digital products aimed at the global market, as well as custom software development.

08.10.2020 16:00 - MineDigital competition | Glinka Hall

Computer vision systems for monitoring the processes of a gold mining company

Review of the approach to recording events in a gold mining company, as well as processes related to automatic search for deviations and management impacts