Over the past 25 years, Sigra has found solutions to problems associated with the ground in the fields of mining, civil and petroleum engineering. To do this it has had to innovate both in the ultimate solutions provided but also in the testing techniques it uses, the analysis applied and theory behind the analysis.

During this period Sigra has worked in the fields of:

  • Underground coal mining geomechanics including outbursting and rockbursting
  • Tunnelling
  • Water drainage from mines and civil engineering works
  • Coal seam gas drainage
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Total mine design
  • Commercial gas production
  • Control of gas wells

To do this, Sigra has built a substantial testing capability including:

  • Rock stress measurement
  • Rock property measurement
  • Gas content measurement
  • Gas desorption behaviour
  • The determination of fluid flow and storage parameters in the ground
  • Fluid pressure determination

Sigra has also developed exploration and production equipment including:

  • Specialist drilling tools
  • Well control systems
  • Managed pressure drilling systems
  • Well testing
  • Gas/water/fines separators
  • Field data acquisition and control systems

Sigra’s clients are major mining and petroleum companies, public transport and power groups. Sigra also works with consulting groups. All have benefitted from Sigra’s multi-disciplinary approach and ability to conceive and physically build solutions.