Over 20 years, INBI LTD has been supplying high-quality activated carbons to gold mining enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries. Many years of communication with gold mining specialists led to the understanding that the wider implementation of technologies for gold recovery from its ore with use of activated carbon requires versatile technical support along with implementation of the best available technologies to ensure the effective use of carbon sorbent in CIL/CIP/CIC processes.

As a result, to support domestic gold mining enterprises the CARBON&GOLD program was developed.

By participating in the CARBON&GOLD program, enterprises of the gold mining industry can receive support in choosing the optimal grade of activated carbon for gold recovery use, organize monitoring of sorbent’s state in the technological process, as well as solve the problems of both restoring the functional properties of activated carbon involved in the sorption-desorption-reactivation cycle, and recovering additional quantities of gold from carbon fines and gold-containing waste.

The technical solutions included in the CARBON&GOLD program are based on long-term and fruitful cooperation with manufacturers with an impeccable reputation in the international market.

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