Geotek Ltd. (UK) specialises in high-resolution, non-destructive analysis of geological cores. Since 1994 Geotek have been designing and building state-of-the-art field portable multi-sensor core scanning equipment, as well as providing both laboratory and in field core analysis services. We offer solutions to a variety of industries within the geoscience community, including oil and gas, research and academia, and the mining and mineral exploration markets. The nature of our multi-sensor equipment allows acquisition of a wide range of multi-parameter data simultaneously, and non-destructively, harvesting as much information as possible from core samples. Geotek's range of specialised core scanning equipment is manufactured in a variety of platforms to suit the application, research object, core volume, and budget. Our latest multi-sensor scanning platform - BoxScan - solves the resource-demanding practicalities of acquiring laborious handheld geochemical and geotechnical datasets. Highly consistent, non-subjective, automated depth registered imagery, geochemistry, mineralogy, and structural parameters are delivered from one mobile core scanning system. Technoinfo, Geotek's exclusive Russian distributors will be attending the exhibition ready to answer any questions you may have.