GeoSolutions (GS) is a mining service company.

Bearing in mind that subsurface is one of the most significant and, as a rule, underestimated industry specific risks, the Company set itself the primary task, which was to establish a Russian company that would focus on integrated professional subsurface evaluation of the mineral deposits and field acquisition support.

The following five major disciplines were established and are now being developed in GeoSolutions:

  • Geological support to field acquisition.
  • Estimation of solid mineral reserves;
  • Pre-design concept - choosing the best case scenario for a project;
  • Mining and processing companies audit;
  • Corporate consulting in subsoil use.

In its five years of operation, the Company has successfully completed more than 100 projects, including the following: exploration programs development, geological support to field exploration activities, mining feasibility study, deposits estimation as per the Russian and international standards.

In the GeoSolutions office in Moscow, there are 80 employees, who have diverse experience; up to 90 employees continuously stay at the Clients’ sites. The management and the key members of the team have real experience in managing the exploration activities, reserves estimation, economic appraisal of mining companies’ performance, mining companies organization and management.