GEOMIX – mining and geology informational system for a complex solutions in mining production. It is a completely independent digital platform on the basis of advanced Russian technologies and developments, created by the VIOGEM institute (part of RT-Engineering) – profile of "Rostec" State Corporation in the mining industry.

  GEOMIX offers modern solutions for digitalization and automation of mining production. The system is focused on the development of solid minerals of any type. The system builds realistic models of deposits and mining openings, effectively plans mining operations and monitors ore quality and also simulates the process of explosive destruction of mining operations using a unique technology.

  GEOMIX has been on the mining, geology and digital market for over 25 years and it is successfully implemented at the largest mining enterprises. Over 1000 licenses have been issued and over 100 projects have been developed during this time. The program is approved by ROSTECHNADZOR and is recommended by GKZ (National Reserves Committee of the Federal Subsoil Management Agency) for calculating the reserves for majority of minerals.

Video call

The video call function will be activated on October 7 and 8.