Almazgeobur is a manufacturer of geological exploration drill rigs, and official dealer of major international manufacturers. Almazgeobur is headquartered in Moscow, Russian and the largest service center for repair and maintenance of exploration equipment is located at Khabarovsk Almazgeobur LLC branches are located in the Russian Federation: Magadan, Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk, and Kazakhstan (Alma Ata), Uzbekistan (Tashkent). Business: 1. Almazgeobur offers a comprehensive service for geological exploration and blasting drill rigs. Service team consists of professional service engineers, who repairs and diagnostics of hydraulic, mechanical units and engines (we are official partner of Cummins). 2. Almazgeobur is an official dealer of Sandvik (Sweden) and supplies it`s spare part kits for Sandvik exploration drill rigs. 3. Almazgeobur is an official partner of Volgaburmash and supplies roller cone bits and PDC bits for mining. 4. Almazgeobur is an official dealer of Devico and supplies geophysical equipment: core orientation systems, inclinometers, surface and underground systems. 5. Almazgeobur is an official dealer of Baroid (USA) and supplies drilling fluids additives. 6. Almazgeobur supplies DBC (Turkey) core drilling rigs. 7. Almazgeobur supplies Inflatable Packers International (Australia) 8. Almazgeobur manufacture geological exploration core drill rig RS90, RS230 and the underground drill rig RU75 (In 2018, the company was founded with the support of the Russian Federation in partnership with Canadian and Australian partners, with the aim of localization the production of drilling equipment). Almazgeobur is also part of the Rusmining export holding, a group of companies established for representing Russian manufacturing companies on the international market. Rusmining export LLC exports supplies spare parts to Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, etc.